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A crash the car off the roadway. CHP is on the scene, and then Santa Cruz highway one northbound Morrissey boulevard, a crash in the right lane with HP also on the scene, there time is five forty eight. This is KABC. You. This is marketplace. I'm KAI Ryssdal. Back in the day, conventional wisdom, was that you didn't bring religion or politics to work this just in times have changed, and those bright lines, they are not so bright, anymore, ios, a big companies are weighing in on everything from LGBTQ rights to immigration and people who work at just a name to Google. Amazon have rallied recently to change their companies policies on defense, contracts and climate change from the workplace culture desk. Marketplace's Meghan mcardle Carino has more now on how business is getting personal walk into any. We work co working space, and it's like a design magazine come to life that we work in downtown. Los Angeles is all blonde woods. And trendy patterned rugs, there's the trademark fruit water. This one's cucumber pineapple and in the lobby a glass sign that reads do what you love the aspirational work. Workplace is what we work is all about living your best, work life, not just with Instagram ready interiors. But with corporate policies to we decided as a company that we were not going to use company money to buy meat. Lindsey Baker is the head of sustainability for we work. She says the meatless rule doesn't apply to clients in the co working spaces, but rather employees and company events. We really wanted to put our values into practice in the company and take a stand for something that we believed in a meat free corporate culture is one example of a broader trend personal beliefs are moving front and center in the professional world. That includes politics, your political identity is a more clear signal of what your values in worldview, are, that it wasn't the past Neil Malhotra is a political economist at Stanford. He says, increased polarization is changing. Hell Americans, think about work, people are increasingly. Wanting to work for places that share their values and we'll put their money where their mouth is to do it. In a study Malhotra found online job seekers were willing to take a pay cut to work for a like minded boss. And in a survey from staffing firm, Ron Stott more than a third of worker, said they would leave a company over political disagreements. That was the case for investment advisor. No Pinson of Leland Virginia who says he felt like a lonely liberal in his small, mostly conservative office. I just felt over time just more and more that little voice in the back of my head screaming at me that you're not living your values working here. So he decided to strike out on his own several months that I had without income. All this was happening, right? As I was having a baby. Most workers aren't taking such bowls actions instead summer, making change from within J Hong is the CEO of online retailer boxed, which sells groceries and household goods in bulk. He says a female employees once confronted him in the hallway in demanded. He addressed the pink tax. The premium often charged for women's health and beauty products estimated to cost each woman upwards of thirteen hundred dollars a year and I was like, I don't know what the pink taxes, but let me get my coffee, and we're gonna talk all about that in about ten minutes long listened and decided to rebate customers for taxes paid on feminine goods. A movie says has cost the company more than a million dollars over three years, but inspires loyalty among his workers helpful in an industry where it's hard to keep talent we can't match the cash compensation say that an Uber or Google pay, but yet it actually has helped a lot on the retention research shows sharing values can help workers bond increase in organizations productivity. But that makes holding a minority view. All. All the more difficult. My viewpoint is right of center free market, liberty oriented. If Garrett Johnson sounds a little shy about identifying as a conservative. It might be because he works in Silicon Valley. A bastion of liberal activism Jonathan is a co founder of the Lincoln network, which connects conservative leaning tech workers, the group released a survey earlier this year with almost two thirds of respondents, politically active tech companies saying employs would be ridiculed or ostracized for expressing opposing views causes people to pull back to not speak up. Not offer their perspectives, which is not good. Johnson believes there can be benefits to greater political expression in the workplace. The companies need better training, to promote constructive dialogue, something that will surely come in handy, as we gear up for another grueling election season in Los Angeles. I'm Megan McCurdy Carino for marketplace. One of the things about non renewable sources of energy is that the jobs that come with those industries coal oil eventually are non-renewable, as well. So one community in southwestern Wyoming is being forced to imagine life without.

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