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Also the psychological question and I apologize if it's so cliche. I'm also asking you for vice as a friend as well as an interviewer. How do you emotionally deal with limitations and frustrations in your life? I think over the years as a person with chronic illness. I've come to. An acceptance I guess of certain limitations. It's not necessarily a permanent acceptance, but it's more like today. I cannot do this. Maybe tomorrow I will, but today I need to rest story a or can go out or whatever that is. and. I think that. The joy that I get from creating art helps a lot, too, so that even if I can't get out and do my normal things, I will go back and look at photos that I've taken with last year the year before that I always wanted to get to do something with and sort of. Refresh, I! Guess my creativity that way by. Not New material, but old material that has been just waiting for me to to get to I don't know I. Think just being chronically ill in the first place gives you a certain amount of. Certain degree of acceptance of things because you know you can't change. What has happened to your body? So you learn to adapt you learn ways around it, you learn. You know that there are days when you just have to rest and there's just nothing else to do. You need that basically. And hard for me because I'm. I've always been a very active person. Up and out and doing things in whatever and it's very hard for me to sit still. Very hard for me to not to only do one thing at a time, actually in the Queen of multi-taskers here. It's very difficult for me but I think that once you've been forced to accept certain. By illness. It sort of. Becomes easier, but that becomes a coping mechanism is to just say this is what it is today. This is really helpful because you've answered to buy your own personal experience, but also I think it will be very relevant for other people who live with chronic conditions that will recognize. Themselves, you sites but I also think about people in different parts of the world or even when people listen to this. Late stage and perhaps the. Lockdown is different in different parts of what's have all these different things happening all the time. People who are normally healthy am fit what you have. Much more agency in the choices they make how right with the world what you're saying is. The allowing US and like it's fine. It's like this is what it's like. Now I'm the big thing is not to stop. Onto the future, even if it's still gonNa be light that because that's too much. It's just concentrating on the present moment. Yes, I'm not seems really important. I've got one final question for you. I'm what I've been doing and my a flat go out Shogo like a little bullet, pointless lie right, and then what happens is I sometimes refers to offer my guests role psychic, and they start talking about the things before I've mentioned them, and then I've been sorta choosing a words, the end which springs to mind and the word I've got view is wonder. And I didn't think about intellectual had to stop both the Barbara Oberlander and I'm supposed to answer it fully before. You answer it for yourself. Because the way you talk about this change in your life became. Very ill in two thousand nine, and you've had some touch dome moments since I've known your new. Incredible courage, and alongside that there has been this birthing of this new you on a claiming of yourself as an artist and the patching you talk about. The Passion. Have passionately you talk about that journey about creating. So I've I've witnessed anyway. But what you does one main on. How does it live in your life? I think first of all I think wonder is a absolutely beautiful word and. And yeah very appropriate I think. Avenue I think it would be very hard to be an artist without a sense of wonder. because. Imagining. Things. That don't yet exist necessarily like even if you're starting from an original or from someone else's idea or from a piece that already exists, you still have to have that wonder to take it to another reality in the sense, the the reality that you see. because. It is a wondrous thing to be able to create something out of nothing or from something else, or you know I I just don't understand how anyone could not have a sense of wonder when you're creating something. And then you step back and you know that it's. Something that's both yours and bigger than yourself. I love the word one. I. Yeah I really. I liked us on looks I think just the process itself. is so much you know like you say something from nothing or something from something. Else own tally different. You can't trace. It goes back to you really like when people look at your work and say. Media Miss that. You know that sort of slightly in awe on that match it part of the process which you says like bigger than you, but just not about you sitting there thinking I'm going to do this I'm going to do that. It's sort of almost comes through view and is out of your hands. Am I? Think for me as your friend saying you. Really. Become the office you already were. Is has been absolutely. One dress to observe Oh. Thank you. I just. I just think it's a perfect word for art I. Mean When I look at some of my things, or when other people have looked at some of my work and I show them because I do photo. Manipulation I show them the original photo and it's like a very pedestrian. Nothing special about it kind of thing, and then I show them what I've created from it and it's. Something so completely. Different people said I would never have guessed that you created it from that. And you need a sense of wonder both to create something like that and to see it I think to bring it back to baking analogy L. from have a bank analogy, but I think with baking. You know what I mean you look in the cupboard. Uc Flower you see whatever. Fat, oils. Sugar eggs, things you have, but these totally set pro. And you have to have within you. The list of cake bar and this is why the banking of marriage is going to work here and knowledge of cake. I love that word I think should be, but what happened before the first cake. Yes, somebody must've had, and this is the wonder. The possibility that that was a Heiki nece. Whole Missing in human experience that happ filled. That must been a first cake on i. think that's what art is like every single time. That's the first cake. Every time you create a piece of art from something looks entirely different. You're exploring the unique cake, quality and digital form of that work absolutely, and it's different every time you know I have a habit of using the same photograph to create several. New versions of and that seems to be a fascination for me, so it's like. I guess I'm exploring different kinds of cake. Like. What would it look like if I did this? Or if I put chocolate desserts, I put whatever lemon in this and I think that creating can be like that, too. What if I went this far, but then went on another path? You know in my editing process you know or didn't do this part and just see what I come up with. Because I I must have a dozen different sunflowers that done and I keep saying to myself. How many sunflowers do you need, but each one of them I love. So. -At's perfect lovely to end. Also think it's lovely to end on the image of sunflower. We can't really go wrong with that, so bob I'm thank you.

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