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The doll was that the doll was taken into four year old. They know where she's at. They wanna come restor to have at it. I'm not speaking to any of that. What I'm saying to you is this family dollars not pressing any charges. The police have not charged them with death. That's what I'm saying, these innocent people, these innocent people. But even if they saw every damn role of tin foil, even if he stole ten packs of underwear Anna Partridge in a pear tree, Family Dollar that does not justify what we see on that tape. Yes. But does fleeing the police justify it this fleeing the please not once but twice justify what you saw that tape. Now, let's add to the fact that driven Ames was driving with a suspended license in. Why was this a spended? We'll, there was a suspect that I have read allegedly is suspected DUI. And now we find out that he has been arrested before he was arrested for, for attacking police. It is reported in timpee, and that he was getting high. Before he before he got involved in the incident. So none of I understand why driven aims, does not want to talk about the police report. Or maybe previous police reports. And none of the family wanna talk about, you know, the, the. Previous encounters. They've had with the police. Impossible incarceration. But you know what I'm willing to talk about it because it's part of the context here. I also have other questions. And I've been trying to find out exactly who the woman was because there were three adults in the car and, and children. And at the police told driven aims to pull over and he drove off one of the adults in the car made a very crucial decision. And for some reason she's that being talked about. Well, I'll give her her do. Five thirty five..

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