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Listen for wbz radio anytime on the iheart up downloaded for free president trump dogged by an unrelenting investigation into his campaign ties to russia is taking aim at the fbi and justice department the president is calling them politically biased as he prepares to clear the release of a classified memo written by republican lawmakers who say it reveals abusir surveillance tactics congressman joke in kennedy tells wbz he thinks the pending release of the memo is a bad thing intelligence committee are the oath to be an area where parking stopped widower if the oversight of our intelligence community and it's also where they come to brief congress on the most sensitive government dust the president's comments come amid reports that the fbi and department of justice strongly object to the memos released the fbi has said it has grave concerns about the memos accuracy the economy added two hundred thousand jobs last month boston college economics professor bob murphy says that's a healthy increase very solid report the kfqd hundred thousand jobs in january was a little bit above what economists were expecting but again right in line with where we expect to be at this stage of an expanding economy the unemployment rate it is holding steady at four point one percent that roden saw his shadow as cbs's bill rakoff reports pennsylvania's most famous groundhog foresees no early end to winter thousands of people braved the cold degree temperatures on gobert's not busy hawks of johnny till alert burrow make that prediction of six more weeks of winter hyper sees showers this morning we knew that any way fails prediction is decided ahead of time by the group's on goblins knob which is about sixty five miles northeast of pittsburgh for a lot of people monday morning could be a battle after staying up to watch the super bowl is wbz's ben parker reports students and teachers at one local school will be able to sleep in students at southeastern regional vocational technical high school in eastern used a youtube video to twist the arm of school superintendent lou lopes to delay school monday so they can enjoy the super bowl and be well rested for class this loves hagan again.

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