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Crete boundaries around that and then in doing so you're able to protect what's most important to you and keep out everything else and just to give them really practical ways in which this happens because i know that's very broad and adorable in so many ways is think about creating work hours for yourself but maybe it's not even work hours maybe email hours like ours in which you will check an answer emails and outside of those hours maybe you'll look at it if you don't want to draw that boundary but you won't respond i think this is one of the hardest ones for people these days to employ for themselves but it's one that kathleen and i put into place years ago and it allows us to be better people in the whole lot of ways not only are we able to be better at our work because whenever it is time to sit down and replied emails were actually able to focus and give thoughtful and thorough replies but outside of those hours were actually able to spend real time with her our family and friends or with ourselves because we've created a boundary that protects both inside and outside so important of that space how it is that we're going to show up in the world i love sinking about boundaries in terms of fear of missing out because i want to create all the things and i wanna do all of the things but i have chosen to plant rosemary and basil in my garden and i'm gonna do rosemary and basil the best i'm not gonna worry about someone else's flowers that looked pretty over here or someone else's veggie garden because apparently vine bores love my garden like i'm just going to focus on rosemary and basil so that's like a metaphor for me of really just committing to what it is and i'm wanting to create but another thing about boundaries and one of my favorite exercises in the book that we probably need to do ourselves if you've ever worked a day job and if some of your listeners are still in a day job they've probably gotten a handbook from hr that tells them what their workout.

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