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He will been drafted into a place that will have a new general manager and i know they're keeping a guy that's already in house but it's still a new general manager his reputation isn't attached to lamar jackson and they're gonna have a new head coach this is not the great fit for lamar i think here's what the situation is joe flacco has been right around five hundred since they won the super bowl the thing about the baltimore ravens and when you think about the ravens you think about their defense you think about when they're their best they run the ball one of the more jackson does when you put him in at quarterback he changed it on them because now regardless of whether he runs around and not defensively you have to play eleven on eleven you have to count and account for the quarterback every time as a runner that is going to improve the way that they're playing when you think about this division this division is a rough and tumble division it is one where you gotta play rock them sock and football and so i know greg talk about them not having weapons around him but a drafted to tight ends around those tied ends were draft with the more jackson mind they brought michael crabtree over they have weekly i'm not seeing those guys are receivers willie is they're good enough in the rice situation to help them remember we can go back and we can talk about capital and where you can or can't play and san francisco michael crabtree emerge when colin kaepernick was on the field i believe michael crab traps is there to be a guy to help them more willie sneak because he went to ball wilson the third option the new orleans catches every catches everything was that great of a player he would still be in war he had he had issue willy's needs a great player trust but he was in new orleans though yeah i know i mean lamar would have had a live due to work that winston played the ball state just a quiz he's a great player but honest to goodness i hear everything you're saying but and the thing about playing in that division when he runs around.

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