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Year. Yeah. Of course. Where do you plan to move back? I don't have any plans on moving back for ballot was not legal because she listed a Matthews address that she left more than five years ago, but her ballot for Dan, McCreevy and other Democrats counted individuals that live out of the state, and if not lived here for years, I have no intention of coming back. They should not be voting. The values coalition believes this kind of fraud is common with both parties. Is it your opinion that Democrats and Republicans both are kind of taking advantage of this looking at the results. Republicans Democrats unaffiliated voters all seem to be not using this system. The way the statute with read many of the Mecklenburg absentee ballots in question. Also had date discrepancies. In other words of voter Mark, the ballot one day, but the witness put down a much different date law clearly says that when I Mark my ballot. I'm supposed to be sitting in two witnesses are what? Adultery. And when we see date discrepancies all ballots where people were signing or witnessing even before the ballot was mailed to them or weeks between when the witness and the voter it certainly is suspicious, and I would question why the county boards would accept those ballots. Well, the state mortar election says the law doesn't technically require matching dates between the witness in the voter, but certainly different dates should raise a red flag. I certainly think that the absentee ballot process and North Carolina should be looked at as we found with absentee voters. We talked with breaking the law involving the absentee ballots is actually quite easy though with people like Betty sailor who was listed as a witness on an absentee ballot by a friend without her knowledge. She says nobody really intended to break the law. I just don't want to cause any confusion, but I wasn't going to stay. In here to you. In a in my opinion, the absentee ballot process is just open fried and open to people just abusing the system and the values coalition thinks there are enough questionable absentee ballots to change the outcome of one race in the state House Democrat, Rachel hunt of Matthew's beat Bill Brawley, the Republican, but they think Brawley actually, one now need to point out state board. Elections tells me they will examine the concerns of the values coalition, but not likely to change the outcome of any races. Instead, they tell us they're more likely to end up just writing some absentee voters and warning them play by the rules and the future. Charlotte at six here on WBZ t- some of the other top stories on this Thursday. No more Chinese t shirts that is the decision from a local clothing company, a local company that supplies t shirts and other team apparel to college bookstores has cut its ties with a Chinese company that reportedly used forced labor of a minority ethnic group that has housing an internment camp badger sportswear, which is located in stateful said Wednesday has ceased business with the fact that produce the products after reports from they said, she had a press stated that the Chinese government has started forcing some of the detainees to work in manufacturing and food industries in that region of China badger also said they will not ship any product made from that factory that is already in their possession any item that is the product of forced labor is legal and subject to seizure by US customs and border protection university, stocking badger clothing began pulling items from the shelves and websites after the report appeared in December. Brad Johnson WBZ news a weird video making news today from a guy who may be running for president Baidoa Rourke of Texas. He did a live stream from the data Stormer Texas Senate candidate Beto Aurora. Instagram's his visit to the dentist to talk about the US Mexico border. I'm.

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