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It is sweeping major league baseball. And there's some more sports that might start to use force. Threes awesome stuff as well in this episode. We talked everything from starting forced three to developing the defender. Mask as it's called and even a little little bit of kariuki maybe maybe not or maybe. It is jason klein who is top of the line. I really am taking. These rhymes too far in joy. This year All already we're here with jason klein the founder and executive chairman of force. Three pro gear. Doing some really really cool and pun intended game changing stuff in terms of protection for catchers umpires and in baseball and beyond jason. So excited to talk to you today. Thanks for joining. how're you doing. Thanks so much really. Appreciate it Villa doing well as well just to use the word. Well a lot. But any conversation evolves baseball in the slightest sense already kind of wins my heart over. So i think you're doing fantastically as a guest already. But you have an awesome background. Gamer yourself and i do want to shout out the guy who introduced me to baseball in the first place..

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