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The foundation for cancer research we've got some curious here we were having this conversation we've been having it for a couple of weeks is it possible that a general manager doesn't because of the nature of drafting across sports because it's so on unscientific a general manager have good seasons and bad seasons can a general manager be a good general manager for a period of time and then become a bad general manager or 100 percent i think if you had a guy just said hey you're gonna be the general manager of this team for the next twenty five years i think there would be great stretches great and there be lousy stretches of course like you can't get the draft in the evaluation of pliers even free agent exactly right he cancel the reason i asked the question because of what's happening in denver which seems to be a calamity at the position that way is most qualified to analyse rise position running that team what's happened to the broncos it's startling and it starts with john elway not being able to find a quarterback john elway wanted to overpay brock osweiler somehow gaps outspent by the stupidity of the uh bill obrien does huston whatever their call now the texans yet attacks texans dan home the oilers there for a second nuts the texans and that would have been a find some led you corrected yourself by hum but paxton lynch's a guy they took in the first round hasn't worked out and it took trevor semi in late so what i'm saying if i'd as a matter of financially three years ago is john elway a great general manager yang answer's yes yes and if i ask you now who's responsible for everything that's happening in denver where they're coming to miami and losing by a million points in there not any kind of competitive the last month of the seas it's gone away but that doesn't mean he's a bad general manager already just go to a batch drop it means that he's been bad this year though it does meet and and furthermore if he doesn't fixes quarterback problem he's going to be bad for the rest of the time hell no question about it but i'd like to think that he's gonna fix that somehow i'll give it how because he's gone i dunno okay but maybe it gets kurkova is that that seems that far away dan this is the.

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