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The English. Of course, we're not gonna go forever. However, without a proper response that response would come in may of sixteen twenty three the English heads spent the preceding months attacking the burning their villages and destroy their food supply that made the Indians were themselves now experiencing major food shortages, and we're in a position where they had to make a deal themselves. The English came to them and made peace overtures following a period of negotiations. A peace was reached the peace English proposed a toast and invited two hundred fifty Indians attending the negotiations to have a drink with them. The problem is that the drifts of the Indians have been given or dropped the English quickly moved and slaughtered the entire room obituary in a was not present during the counter massacre of Schengen a- will continue. To lead resistance against the English. Until a real peace was reached in sixteen thirty to the peace in sixteen. Thirty two however is telling following the end of the first Anglo pout, and what we saw a decade of peaceful relations come into place for the most part during that decade, the sides, just coexisted. However now the English were far less interested in coexisting peacefully with the Indians the peace settlement of sixteen. Thirty two was harsh for over. Shing 'em must have been a bitter pill to swallow the English got pushing no to agree to massive land concessions. The English were now allowed to continue their expansion northward along the Chesapeake the big difference. Over was that this piece was not meant to enter into a new period of cooperation between the two sides. Instead the piece was designed to do exactly the opposite. Strict borders were to be established separation was the plan other than communication for the limited purpose of trade. The English may clear that they did not want anything to do with Otieno or the powder and people the English by this point had become self. Efficient the powered and tribes were no longer needed to provide food or to help ensure their survival. Even after the peace the powder and tribes were viewed as a nuisance at best in enemy at worst. The English wanted to be clear that there was no room for both cultures to resist the English. Love. No mistake of which culture. They intended to survive into the future in the years after sixteen thirty to Jamestown continued to thrive during the sixteenth thirties. The colony began to see population rapidly expand this is something that becomes an important factor. Moving forward as the population of Jamestown expands. There is further pressure place on an already limited amount of land for the English. The boundaries of the settlement of sixteen thirty two was to an extent more of a suggestion than any kind of hard border. Now, of course for the powered people. This was a fixed border the peace between Otieno in the English therefore remain tenuous best shinkin with his options dwindling. Decided that his best move was a repeat of the sixteen. Twenty two massacre in sixteen forty four O pachinko made the tactical decision that it was the time to strike again. This is an interesting decision for the powder leader. Now, an elderly man probably in his nineties. He had witnessed the diminishing of his people and the ones powerful pouting confederacy by the time sixteen forty four had rolled around much had changed James Sam by this point had entered into the era of William Berkeley, Berkeley is going to become an absolute tight emerging in is going to spend the next several decades completely changing the face of the colony Berkeley became the Royal governor back in sixteen forty two and was anxious to make his Mark eliminating the threat that he played Jamestown literally from sixty seven was just one way for him to do it. And the attack in sixteen forty four gave Berkeley all the justification needed to eliminate the pouting and confederacy wasn't for all now as a quick note before moving on. I'm intentionally not going to do a full. Introduction to William Berkeley here today. Berkeley is in fact, a huge vigor and is going to wind up being the longest serving governor in the entire history of Virginia. However, his role in this episode in the next episode are going to be relatively minor next season. We are willing to spend a lot of time with William Berkeley when we cover bigots rebellion. So for now know that William Berkeley is in our story that he is super important, and that is about all you need to worry about for today. The attack in sixteen twenty two had made some degree of sense after all over shinkin own knew that drain the attack that he still had a major advantage in the immediately available manpower discounting, the English ability to restock men as well as far more experienced fighting in the forest will the English did enjoy a decisive advantage in their arms their ability to defeat pushing was not in fact, certain the colony had a population of only about a thousand people in sixteen twenty two it was at least. Reasonably thought that the massacre could be successful in. So seriously weakening, the colony that could cause the English to retreat from the Connie back to England for Oprah shake it out. It must have seemed like a last ditch effort to stop was now nothing short of an invasion by the time of the sixteen forty four attack. However, the English Connie wasn't a much different place. No longer where people dying and unsustainable rate. If back the population of the colony head exploded by the time of the sixteen forty four attack the Connie had approximately ten thousand people well unclear how many men Oprah Shinko had that point. It is almost certainly less than the English hat on the morning of April eighteenth, sixteen forty four opus Shinko made his move much as in the attack in sixteen twenty two the attack in sixteen forty four was a surprise attack and did affect catch the English off guard grain these sixteen twenty two attack Oba she can manage to kill approximately three hundred fifty people which at the time was about a third of the colony the attack of sixty forty four was actually more successful in actual numb. Numbers with between four and five hundred settlers killed. However, well, undeniably bad. This was far from the catastrophic blow that the sixteen twenty two attacks had appeared to be on its face despite more people died in the sixteen forty four attack. It was a significantly smaller portion of the Virginia population. What followed was the third and final Anglo powder war, Mike earlier periods. There is no room to debate. If this is a fair fight, the English had more men superior weapons, and we're still growing up Shing and his people had been in decline for a while and possessed little hope successively expelling the English or even recapturing a portion of their loss lands one must question what the thought process of Oceano was by the time that sixteen forty four he come around the most logical explanation for the attack to me. At least is that Oceano may have been trying to force the English into a more favorable peace. Then that they had secured in sixteen thirty two it, however shouldn't be discounted that for the. Aging paramount chief this may have just been his final act of defiance his last attempt to try to recapture. What had been his from the English perspective? It was abundantly clear by this point that the powder and tribes were continuing danger for the colonists and their prosperity. What would follow over the next two years where English attacks which managed destroy a majority of the Indian towns along the river and scattered their survivors deeper into the forest these attacks are nothing short of devastating for the powered and people not only do they no longer have the manpower to mount a capable resistance, but the English had gained the pretext to remove them completely from the land land that the English needed to continue to expand in sixteen forty six ocean. Co himself was captured transported back to Jamestown as something of a trophy by this point Otieno was nearly one hundred years old blind and barely able to walk his time and Jamestown however would be short shortly after making it into a fort in angry soldier shot and killed him. For all practical purposes. This is the end of the pouting confederacy the remaining tribes agreed to a peace which ban them from Jamestown peninsula under the penalty of death. They had to accept that the English had essentially free rein to colonize. It will finally they had to acknowledge the king of England as their sovereign. Make no mistake. This was complete and total feet for the powder and people having to accept the king of England as their sovereign basically marks the end of the powder. Confederacies ability to meaningfully conduct their own self rule. We will not see another figure like piloted or opus shinkin rise up to take the rates of power for overshadow. He is left with a mixed legacy. Well, so often he stood in the background pouted. His voice was something. That was always present. He had spent nearly thirty years in charge of a trap that had to deal with rapidly expanding and

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