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Cloudy with highs in the mid sixties to the mid seventies. This report is brought to you by whole foods markets from the Southern California Toyota Dealers. Traffic Center. We make it easy. We're checking a craft on the 57. We're looking at Diamond Bar. It's going to be South 57 60 split right? A grand. That really confusing place is a wreck that is taken away. The three right lanes you're driving. The 57 South bound is loading up a temple 60 westbound from about Chino Hills Parkway. They're working in Anaheim, 91 eastbound before gla cell carpool and left later shut down, mostly cleanup happening here from an earlier crash. Your drive still stopping up at Euclid Ko Phi, and this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Ball where the crash on the five boy You better believe in the cell and change north Father was cultural problems. Actually it forth before you go up to the 10 and then just one past the tent, but the kind of moving over now, so just a little slow going through, But a big situation still continues. Now, if you just Strong this Listen up eastbound 10, just past the 605 El Monte Baldwin Park. Two separate crashes one and overturned Rig. Three left lanes are blocked The east end stops at Santa Anita. You'll spend a lot of time there if you sit there, nor 605 to the east. 10 is open. But it's slow coming up from the 60. So e 60 east to 10 going through the 605. They're still okay and Ramona Boulevard north of the 10, so I'm pretty good shape. Get on friends, Mosquito and away You go injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Just ball. Okay, F find this guy having a sponsored by discover K A fly in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks discover matches all the cash back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year. It's amazing because discovers accepted at 99% of places in the U. S that take.

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