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Jamaican literature that schifrin tanzanian literature from going how important you think that is to see us civic identity in the curriculum in what you study super super important do think that sociable west indian literature like i think map just across the board that tends to go on the road kind of like the way i and you know i'm still annoyed that i found really late and i'm really pissed off of that because i think tip before but you studied these dating well shows i like seeing and finding that and then obviously the communists and all these different authors that really irritates me i didn't have that when i was at school we hired a lot african american literature stub everybody knew about i know why the case but it seems everybody knew stories about i never saw a story bio west indian person and that's important i don't wanna speak for everybody here but i do think that like if you have a varied amount of stories and literature they're ready for young kids growing up to see themselves to see other piece of writing important just for just for shitting shaping that willoughby but just kind of seeing themselves in places and understanding new ideas and different things too i think that so i think oversee reading allows you to kind of get a portal into either a different world or the world that uc around you and when like when i was younger i was reading jacqueline woodson and i've read.

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