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And am six thirty wpro yell list where washington comes to talk hubbard when i l news it four i'm marie on beef we are going to bring at least four trillion dollars back into this country money that was frozen overseas and in parts in worlds and some of them don't even like us and they had the money where they're not going to have the money long president trump speaking in the rose garden this afternoon following the passage of the republican tax reform bill he also paid tribute to senate republican whip who survived a gunman's attack in a baseball field steve scalise sees bravery that all of us oh boy i don't know he had a theater referee year than most of us but to hell of oil to lose weight steve you said it's not a good way we love you safe great job and you can watch the full ceremony on our facebook page wmal t see the virginia house raise down in newport news that ended with the democrat up by one vote is instead now ending in a thai thanks to our decision today from a panel of judges the judges took a close look at a bell if that was tossed out during the recount yesterday republican david gnc's team said that votes should count for him and a judge that argument and now counties not ballot and that means where to dead thai eleven thousand six away to eleven thousand six o8 christopher newport university political scientist rachel bitter coffer says democrats shelly simon's team a likely appeal this but if that tie stands oh working.

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