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Jen White. Today On one a block the vote misinformation and disinformation. Thiss month, Facebook and Twitter busted a Russian group peddling fake stories. Online intelligence officials say that's likely a drop in the bucket. Foreign actors don't hold a candle to Americans when it comes to spreading misinformation. Postal service has sent mailers with wrong voting rules. The president has said you, Khun Bow twice to stress test the system. How did you sort fact from fiction Online and from official sources comment on our Facebook page or tweet us at one, eh? Live from NPR news. I'm Shea Stevens. Democrats are weighing their options as Senate Republicans make clients to confirm a new Supreme Court nominee before Election Day, Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, who sits on the Judiciary Committee. Tails. NPR's all things considered. She will not meet with the nominee before the hearings. I have taken the position that with this president, all of his nominees, Supreme Court nominees and judicial nominees Whatever they have to say to me should be said under oath. And that's what I expect Todo so I want them under oath before a committee president Trump says he'll make an announcement Saturday until he wants to replace late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. President says it's a shame that the US has reached the great milestone of 200,000 Corona virus deaths. Trump says his administration's actions prevented even more casualties and again blame China for the pandemic. This, despite revelations that he deliberately downplayed the seriousness of the health crisis. President Trump is again pushing back against racial sensitivity training that mentions white privilege or critical race theory. NPR's Aisha Roscoe reports. The president has signed an executive order expanding his band on that type of training to include contractors as well, A speller employees. President Trump says the executive order is meant to stop efforts to promote quote, divisive and harmful sex and race based ideologies. Trump tweeted that Americans should be taught to take pride in their country. The order will apply to those doing business with the federal government and those receiving certain grants. The measure is specifically aimed at trainings that would teach about white privilege or critical race theory. Universities and corporations have long used racial sensitivity programs to fight against racism and workplaces. Trump has repeatedly questioned whether systemic racism exists in the US and said the issue should not be taught in schools. I saw Roscoe NPR news evacuees near Oregon's massive holiday farm fire are returning home as KLCC is Brian Bull reports, Residents of one of the most ravaged communities are facing severe hardships. A small rural town of Blue River was mostly annihilated when the fire blaze through late Labor Day. Tim Lowey with a local community development corporation, is working of several agencies, a coordinate shelters up and down the river. And with utilities to get water and power restored, Lali says the challenges are far from over. We're gonna have issues with mudslide, falling trees all went along. We have about 30 generators that we're distributing to people who are sheltered in place on the basis of need and highest priority. Roughly 100 homes and businesses were destroyed. Officials expect the fire won't be fully contained until late October. For NPR News. I'm Brian Bowl in Eugene, Oregon. This is NPR news. Vice President Mike Pence's returned to Washington from New Hampshire was briefly disrupted Tuesday night. Air Force two struck a bird during take off from an airport in Manchester, The pilot made an emergency landing out of caution. In. A White House official says neither Pence nor any members entourage was in any danger..

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