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Love island the morning after sponsored by kelloggs cornflakes that was a dramatic mass dumping and i'm not even talking about the twenty second preview of arguments we saw at the end of last night's episode and also by by adam you're listening to the morning after the official love our them has of me real freedom not got ken this morning because a much better replacement youtube sensation licken for hello glad you're here 'cause i know you're gonna be strong opinions v here so on stays podcast west said it was a tough decision but he's gone for meghan georgia state some but has she really got her i on laura's jack i'm we'll be reopening the love island dictionary rates keep up with the villa lingo plus we have the send dj who you saw dropping beats in the village homes and on the phone i though here you headlines from last night's episode georgia acknowledges threat isn't a word the end of the day was learning curve i've learned from the mirror explains mattresses dues sleep on it and meghan apps inhales lie i have a self restraint the morning after so much tension you can shake a stick at in last night's episode the recoupling her muslim thing if you missed it you need to the it hub because i can't even recall all the people that have left the nervous that many lives can you remember i'm gonna go with full two plus two tv's make you name shane them right now okay there are so many same names actually gives me a headache trying to think of all the names darla just need a minute adam on by alex new alex i he reminds me of yogi bear just like just pick tom for ford's oh okay getting on here and ellie newly near la aka jack's ex by see later first things first though west picks meghan the morning after we had a conversation last night year adamant it was going to be darrow as she derelict smoking halls oh wow yeah gorgeous only would she she just doesn't solve to go i wish she went in as a proper like not into castro more in as someone who's just going on a road we call them oh jeez journals i feel it should have done so well if you're just going on and whereas in her of do indu think where's pecking meghan is a bit of a bad choice i mean should go great history ally if i was basing of track records however i think that something could happen especially now i don't even know new alex that's his name he's gone yeah so i mean something could actually have an 'cause she doesn't have a destruction to the next boy walks in but i mean i think she could maybe i don't know she's kind of treating this as a goals holiday what is really interesting samir's reaction is emir us out there right in the firepit when they had to do the dumping and the recall playing all of it was surprise for everyone and she whispered she said if it doesn't choose meghan i'll be fuming i know that was weird for me but understands that because i know this close to meghan but she was the.

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