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I'm gonna snap one top shelf hearts come through the power play to cut the lead in half. It's the Hall of Famer Pat fully on the call on NBC Sports Chicago Last night. He will join us in about 15 minutes here. The hockey show on ESPN 1000 Brian Hanley. I am Pat Boyle. That was Dylan Strom's third goal of the campaign, the on Lee tally from the Blackhawks last night. Strom also was a 10 of 16 at the faceoff dot the fourth time this season. He's 1 60% orm or off his draws, So he's off to a good start it and we were talking about finding guys that can be finishers on this team. Strong's gold last night was definitely a type of play that a finisher makes and They're asking him to step up in class here. You know, I think he was penciled in to be the third line center. With Dave's out with Doc out. He's been your your second line center with courage, Chef and Kuba leak and so far coming off the contract extension, Brian he's been fantastic. Yeah. And look if you come away without a goal in that situation on the man advantage after Kubelik had those two great opportunities. I mean, that's demoralizing, and you mentioned the face off. You know what he's doing on the dot and, you know Jonathan tapes Unsung part of his game or certainly, box fans are aware of it. But when he's on his game, you got to get the puck from the draw. Right ordered tea generate anything. So with tapes out for who knows how long you don't need guys like strong? Not not only to bury parks when you get an opportunity, but get the park and keep it in the zone, you know, Start anything you're gonna generate offense or even on a power play. So Dylan is going through some changes here. Let's just say that he's only 23 years of age right before he left for the bubble and badminton. He and his girlfriend, Taylor found out that she was pregnant. She is due in March. They're gonna have a baby girl. He is going to turn 24 in March. He just got that contract extension. I mean, this. This guy's going through a lot, You know, right here. What We also know he's like best friends with Alex to break it. And so yesterday I caught up with strong. I asked him, you know. Is he talking to Alex a lot? And how is to break it? Feeling of courses on covert 19 protocol list? Talked him a lot. Um Hopefully, it's not as long as they originally thought. So hopefully I'll see him soon. And, um, no, it's zoo. Never ideal. I mean, um, no, it's kind of the world we live in today. You know, it's It's weird how you know some guys can get it in some guy's, um, another rest of team is okay. It's Z. Just weird. It Zez really make sense. I don't think it makes sense to anyone but the reality we're living in and it sucks. And we wish it was fair ends here and everything. And just try to get through a day by day and Look for the next team. I thought the one thing he said there. That was interesting. Brian was hopefully he won't be out as long as originally thought. You know, again, we're reading into this. This is a lot of this is, uh You know things that are kept private because of HIPPA laws and covert 19 protocol. But it sounds like you know, maybe to break it might be back, maybe a little bit sooner than that. Two weeks that we originally heard. Yeah, well, the insidious part of this pandemic and this virus is it runs spectrum right from asymptomatic, too mild symptoms to I C U and worse so It's it's you know, it sounds like like he said. If you're reading between the lines there, that may be mild symptoms or no symptoms. Who knows? But, um, the good news is that there doesn't appear to be an outbreak. Right. Right s o that. That's what? You're not gonna be missing games here. Off the schedule, so good thing, they caught it, and hopefully he is going through the protocols and getting whatever you know, medical help he needs if he needs it to get through this thing. Yeah, and you, You know, so you've got wall Mark. You've got to bring kit and you've got both quest right now on that covert 19 protocol list and originally the Hawks, said Bo Quist. And the brink. It would be out for two weeks. We're still holding out hope that tape's will be back at some point again. We talked about it last week. We're not going to be in the The business of story in history of speculating is stirring up the rumors, but we we are holding out hope that tape's will be back at some point that this team needs Needs guys to help them scoring certainly five on five and so you know, it was going to be tough at the start of this season. Even if Doc and saves were available. Take those two out of the equation. Take to bring it out. Now. Take wall Mark out. Take Uh, me Lander out of the equation. I mean, it's next guy up words starting tol too. Pretty deep on that death trap. Ryan. Yeah, but you are seeing some guys emerge or guys you want to see more off. So that's good news to you know the suitors and Nick Nick Voting also in is gonna be a guy that you know you want to take a look at a little bit here and Jeremy Carlton has been talking up. His training camp. Certainly, and now, if he's going to get an opportunity here, with both fists out, we'll see. But no one had the Hawks pencil dinner intent as a playoff team..

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