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In a follow up Twitter, Pope's president, Trump says his legal cases will continue, and he believes his campaign will prevail. But he adds in the interests of the country. He recommends the GSC do what needs to be done and has told his team to do the same boxes Jared Helper and reports the move freeze up more than $7 million in transition expenses. About the Trump campaign's legal battles. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has refused to throw out about 8000 absentee ballots from the Pittsburgh area. The Michigan State Board of Canvassers has certified its vote count from the November 30 election, and in the morning Georgia will begin its recount Voting system Implementation manager Gabriel Sterling says there is no evidence to support GOP claims of widespread voter fraud and that baseless attacks on the integrity of US elections is dangerous, regardless of which party Is making them the undermining the system. Whether it be by Stacey Abrams two years ago or by Donald Trump's team today without evidence. You can't buy into it. There has to be evidence everybody has due process. Sterling says he and other elections officials have received threats over the outcome of the presidential race in Georgia. Police are investigating Fox's Jonathan Serrie. President elect Biden has named Anthony Blinken to be his secretary of state's, He served as deputy secretary in the Obama administration. Alejandro Mayorkas, who helped craft Daka will lead the Department of Homeland Security and every Haymes will be tapped to be the first woman of the woman to be the director of national intelligence. Next week. Former Fed Chair.

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