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The Moderna vaccine. They're studying if the vaccine produces a better immune response than A placebo or assault water shot, which I'd not heard of before. To volunteer or to get information about this new vaccine trial. You want to send an email to You see Covad research? At UC health dot com. That's you see covert research at UC health dot com. Voting in Kentucky in the realm of Corona virus could be done by mail. Now in a deal between the governor and Secretary of State Secretary of State Michael Adams says any eligible voter can request an absentee ballot. Any voter Of any age, your health condition who believes here, She's at risk from Kobe 19. You can vote absentee. If you're concerned about your health, you can vote Absentee. Adam's agreement with governor Bashir of also calls for expanded early voting beginning the week of October 13th for three weeks, including four hours of peace. I think on each Saturday, people in every county of Kentucky are going to be able to go in and cast their ballot early voters who could not get the required photo I D because of the pandemic can sign a document explaining the reasons and they can cast a ballot. Lt's testimony has ended in Judge Don Gentry's misconduct trial in Kenton County. The judge's fighting keeper job after allegations of sex retaliation and drinking in the courthouse have threatened her position. She took the stand on Friday, admitting some of the claims against her saying she had a lot of lapses in judgment, and there's no question she admits She did some things that were unacceptable. She's asking the judicial panel for a second chance She's been accused of using sex retaliation and coercion. To her advantage while on the bench. Her attorney reminded the panel that no laws had been broken and taking her position is in effect the professional death penalty. The judicial panel is expected to rule within the next month, and she is on paid leave at this time. There is a new organization working to repeal Ohio's infamous House Bill six. It's called the Coalition to restore Public Trust and includes organizations like the American Wind Energy Association and the Ohio Environmental Council. The coalition says it wants to educate the public on House Bill six and promote its repeal, calling it the centerpiece of a $60 million bribery and racketeering scandal that rocked Ohio government. That scandal led to federal charges against House Speaker Larry Householder and his ouster from that position of power. I met Reese News Radio 700 WLW. I've Sandy Collins, our next update A 10 on NewsRadio 700 WLW beat the Heat with a mattress warehouse. Summer savings sale for.

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