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Eight the sports leader well of the though they might be together we three co branded a distant but just did the Kitty Kallen one little things mean a lot up on the field goal try at the drop pass by Mike Wilson at the goal line there's several things that the stands up in a one or two point game but and the forty Niners on the short look at the regret eight forty seven remaining the point is that a takeover to thirty two and once again the forty Niners happy go defensively Jerry rice getting is the tape look at that on first down they're the wide receiver to the far side with Griffin covering him then gives off the woods would did he was really build a in the yard possibly Allison hit him head on and the well no game maybe maybe a half yard second down for the bangles thirteen of the would behind the and rolling out the is being changed get pushed out of on the far side it was harder to Haley looked at him and harder on the a twenty nine yard lines of the law we'll put in their nickel the thirteen eight oh four remaining the in thirteen he comes up to the nearest go to the far side but now the most in the back yeah make the it'll be first down for the bank but they're forty six seven twenty nine remaining score tied three three well the loan back behind the three wide receiver Brooks is they get the yard or so and it was Robert and Carter there the can down the nine at the forty seven angles trying to get in field goal range it's going to start you know take a look at the clock you know to go to get that ball back in Cincinnati I was in the control drive and even end up with three point second run for five minutes on this six forty nine known county I ran up on the first drive of the second half the loan back behind the science in with three wide receivers due to the far side will go far left or right we are showing blitz woods to the outside world the first day of the forty five yard line of the forty Niners thank and taken up and then made the tackle before getting up very slowly they make to do is create and Greg go then replace it the first tune for the bangles the forty four the forty Niners one four come down go going to replace it the bangles trying to move it here with the score tied at thirteen all six minutes left moving under six minutes now the gate of the park to get there he was would go to the forty inside the forty to the thirty eight hello gold what to make the moves on the court now they're getting closer and closer to build and something that you mentioned earlier to is that the foreigners and not been substituting as much up front as they normally do it's going to get a little tired of the defensive line but for the fact that the the Cincinnati offense and one had been on the field very much in the second half after the first drive at the thirty seven of the forty Niners it is second down and three in the motion yeah the first it can take time the bangles really in good shape but the twenty fourth game but there's no real from the twenty four in motion will go to the park and maybe some illegal motion on the part of the bangles harder came across the line of scrimmage and I don't know I will say there was no question of one verse came down he was out of bounds world we'll be person fifty dollars going back into the lineup now four fifty four what time is really becoming an element now the forty nine or thirty back behind it and brought it to the far side things were I have been changing the call we do what the crew to the twenty on getting a they are taken down a little over ten for the bangles no they're down here now close enough for the field goal in motion the food the food the ball hit Walters with coming over a lot with a little late getting there to be perfect because Walter is that good and you can run with most the back to the soldier right there excellent job on like Walter so it'll be third down now and then all of the twenty five of the forty Niners put in their nickel defense amazing is the foreigners only thrown one time tonight the tide in Cincinnati has not grown to a tight and yeah receive Allman was there number two receiver and regular season with thirty nine catches it'll be third down and about eleven the ball at the twenty five the I don't the neither team took one out Jennings comes in out of the backfield he replaces brought getting the loan back the move for wide receiver the twenty down an eleven again Jennings and he's one eight two mangled will be going for the field goal of one moving down under four minutes no no you know you're talking pressure guys docking pressure with the clock winding down three fifty something to go this is the Superbowl falls on the twenty two yard line back about seven year it's gonna be about a twenty nine yard line a thirty nine yard for breach of the win the Superbowl is the molds and pressure we're going to run into thirty so it'll be a forty yard kick hello from the fifty honor moments ago made you feel real good is it appears what three the with the the forty Niners radio network will be back in thirty seconds he did a good return to get some of those Taylor the Rogers on the news button Taylor on the farm Johnson will be kicking off the forty three minutes and twenty seconds of the sea the remaining by three point sixteen a thirteen and here's the left footed kick seventy there's goes back to the goal line or the to the phone illegal block the forty Niners will the terrible play on the forty Niners part defender will move all right in a shop the man Rogers care to back the twenty Rogers is shaken up the forty Niners will start back inside there can possibly a major mistake and now with three ten remaining the forty Niners well the goal he there's three this all started almost a decade ago it yeah but the forty on first down blade to the to the sixteen a couple two of the forty Niners with two fifty seven remaining forty it'll come up with a lot of and it is incomplete or complete with the completed the Frank do the next month good but they got the completion of the twenty two thirty five remaining close really because they haven't seven point a little bit two twenty eight remaining reported out of the second and third thirty Cincinnati is gonna make some defensive changes well appointed understand in more wide receivers Wilson and Greer going on and second down the forty Niners yeah of all it will be now a little over to the clock running down to sixteen remaining Rankin Jones come back in the room when they're going with them we'll the two men the seas K. N. B. ours quest for six Super Bowl marathon and this year's Superbowl twenty sponsored by S. A. P. on KNBR one oh four five eight six eight sports leader Hey let's throw a party this year for.

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