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That as much you know that might work for some people playing online on play play together like splits all on the same couch yeah on the same thing yeah so you know that was agree and then the game itself yeah. I don't have really a monster hunter right because it's like so Jesse's a pretty experienced Gamer. I'm an okay experience gets Gamer and that game was hard for us and so we both got real especially there's too much information like tutorial wise and then not enough information to realize exactly you're like what the Hell Am. I supposed to be doing as somebody who never played any of the other monster hunter game but like you know so. Maybe that's what we're missing is. We haven't grown up playing monster hunter but if that's how they're gonNA make a game they're not really opening it up for you know now it was absolutely beautiful and Eh. I really appreciated the character customization jam by now it was just it was really hard because I was overwhelmed and then I can just hear Jesse and the other rare just like cursing thing at the T._v.. Frustrated whether play games and that's part of the fun so don't embrace your frustrations but that was obviously like if I can't go to him because he doesn't know and he can't come to me at any point for uh and I think part of like how long did it take us to get into the same party took a long time. That did take right. That's like two days to figure out how to just get in the same party. We're doing all the stuff you do a normal games. We're in the same team. We joined the game aim together. Okay that didn't work. Let's or found the same server why it's not working yeah and so four ever there are a lot of other games that make it a lot easier for you to <hes> you know playing together and so we were kind of starting with those and if you really know how to play Monster Hunter World and that is a game that you really easy for you great then totally do it but by I think if you're looking for Co op game and you've never played it and you're bringing in somebody that maybe hasn't played a lot or both of you played a lot but neither view plate Muslim hunter. Maybe find a different one and yeah the point of that. Whole ran is does that? Sum Games are hard. Some Games are easy some games. You'll enjoy but definitely you want to know if you're getting somebody new into it or you WanNa know if you're trying to pick it up yourself find something a little softball science softball. Oh Fun again. We probably are blown borderland. Stick too much in this co-op but borderlands is my favorite is probably the best show up game. I think of all time adult like I think that this is one A. D.. I Games Games that you and I played together Co op and we just had the best time playing it together for his good the characters a good any place as easy as hard as you want it to be every element check. Check check right so funny yep good so that's why it's there but yeah there's some other ones as well and like so the and then that overcooked game because I want to talk a little bit more about how there's like some of those that game that we played that one time that was like lovers in a space base time or something yeah which is really good chairs. There's a lot of these like they're like indie games. Ranch arcade kind of style like there are so many that are called like so many and we've played so many there you just can't keep a list of but <hes> those games to like they're not like the thing about borderlands as it is long-term game right like you could play that for four hours a day every day for the next John's right the thing about those games. Is You know they're quick thirty minute games or whatever but yeah there's a ton of those available to so if you're looking for some games and stuff like that Kinda like just browsing the marketplace for and I'll also like one of the really good ones that just kind of popped into my mind really fast was don't starve together and that's a good win that kind of is you. Keep it fresh 'cause like I think that the longer you don't starve serve together the more funding experience I mean it's just fine and so that's a good one to you to find an play together. I believe it's only on so only on steam being that on <hes> xbox believe glow. We should get that one. They don't starve but I don't think you and I don't start but the game is so much fun. Yeah and it's beautifully done. I think it's so yeah. The style on those are all pretty interesting to see like somebody who appreciate like sometimes people are like into the game ain't play. Sometimes people are into the like art style and stuff like that to you or whatever you know. There's a lot of that going around right now on the scene as well so yes so. There's a lot of cool stuff there but they're on top of all the single player Games is that we're bringing back from our childhood or you know continuations of series or other new exciting games. They're still trying to games. We haven't played Oh sure that we wanNA play co op and I've got a little list here of these games at I found out are super coop apparently and I'm like well damn. Why have we not played this because we already own Mario rapids yeah we do this thing where we buy into this nintendo systems say switch but Nintendo systems general and we just don't play them right so we have switch it sits on our dresser collecting dust along with the six hundred dollars worth of games on it just sitting there us but yeah so we have Mario Rabbits is one of those games and apparently we can play that together so we should because it ranks really high up there apparently in a list of CO OP games out there so but it's essentially he like a Mario Meets Rabid which is another game series sort of thing and they come together and you know you Kinda platform through worlds or whatever and I think we could do? We could just do it together so we should give that a shot. <hes> one of the other ones I saw on here which is surprisingly I have never really played any of these games the LEGO Games yeah apparently there's a lot of co op in those games. Yeah I've had friends who in College College Day would just coop Lego like Lord of the Rings. I think just play for hours long. I didn't know they were like so co op yeah. They're very <hes> their brand. You know I'm super into that. I I WANNA know now. Is there a way by like all the little games and like one giant pack. I wonder like All Star Wars. Ones are all lord of the rings ones all the Harry Potter ones. I definitely want to play a Harry Potter ones right the one that like on the list I I was reading that I saw was like the marvel superheroes ones so that sounds fun as well right like I don't know I don't understand the LEGO games I like back in the day wanted to get into them and then I just always forget right now but like I don't know if I could build legos in play through Google stories sounds awesome awesome on top of that far cry five. I forgot came out. I know I've never played any the far cry games I play them. They're they're good. Farcry five was supposed to be like kind of different in America and yeah it had like a bunch of online stuff I guess so I guess that's where the Co op comes in. I'm not really sure but like we could probably pick that came back up and check it out and if it has some co op so awesome yeah. Let's do it on top of that this one that I had no idea this game existed but apparently early it does a way out. I just saw that when I was like different less is supposedly super good and it's like built for coop like. I don't know that you can even play single player. I think you need to have two people. Do people made it seem like you know whether it's escaping from jail. which apparently is something you do in that game? I don't know or anything else you do. It's always up to people prison break yeah so I don't know what that game is but I was like instantly like Oh. It's bill for two people yeah. We should check that out and see you know and we can figure out that game together and maybe it's on them. We both liked together so I share yeah and <hes> yeah anything you think that we need to pick up and play so there are some that were on here like Divinity Eddie original sin. There's like the first one the second one is supposed to be really fun. I think that we should definitely go and play some resident evil games. Some of them are more coop. Go Yeah even though they're not like there's some that won't be gaff yeah but those and like clue all the way up to like four or something yeah pretty sure I've played six yeah so play those the game that we were talking about before was a- lovers in a dangerous space time we have played that it's really fun we recommend not for people that are really interested in indie games and really WANNA play co op thousands of really good one. I think that we should go back and play more halo. Oh yeah because like we played through together the latest Halo and then the master chief we were going through like one but we never really did like what I would love to do is get like six people in like decent like you know big multiplayer Yeah Diablo as three yeah. I think it's coop one online join online different councils. I think that we could play it on our computers on computers yeah but again that's kind of the same thing because we on different consoles like yeah we could stare at each other here but I still want to get back into playing warcraft. I know you don't want to but maybe I'll play with my dad and that's another thing you can do so yeah but those are the last ones that I have yeah go back. I played all the games that we play well yeah so we still have like kind of a backlog of games too. I think like if we go back and look like you never finished the Tomb Raider Games now I made it halfway there. It's really good bye and those are those are good ones that I I really liked. The Batman series are yeah. There's a lot of those you know. There's probably a ton of like call of duty games and stuff like that that would be..

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