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Hm mucho american allies the think there are some magazines that have used my blog as a source of inspiration also information to your work with the printed fine print a lot of people uses imprint same now that i use in berlin because they they came across the three australian um other people just um you know go go to the to the block two of rouse them with a pretty pictures offload sometimes it's really hard to generalise and a third to be honest i don't know how much more established magazines have taken note of it all with all read it on i do know that a lot of people are when about post a put put something up that is about on now something very transparent about the magazine for example much money i made or how i am accumulates sponsors o how i work with contributors cetera i'll i do get a little feedback but i think it's mostly from my readers to be honest i think they're really interested even though they most of them are working the weapon additional space they they're quite interested in seeing how magazine gets made and then of course all you know certain people like i'm steve from stuck magazines who regularly shas on stuff from lifelock because he finds it really of fresh interesting but um yeah it's it's tucked tell and i'm not i'm not sure how much influence of the people i know that a lot of people are interested in reading it i'm not sure vigilance them in in in in in a way that they decide to run their own logged in mbr is open about it on i haven't seen to be honest i haven't seen many blogs on that do something similar that little magnus to locks where they feature content from that issues i'm really seen anything that is trying to.

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