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Earlier in the evening. So we've been working on that. Left it. Pastor John Craighead of the Jefferson street Baptist church and your Rica, Kansas, thousands of motorcycles in Washington rolling thunder could be the last. This is. This is heroes of the five hundred second to one on ninety three WIBC. I'm STAN Lear as we mentioned at the top of the show, seventy four different drivers finished second in the greatest spectacle in racing. Some of them finished over a minute behind the winner, or even more others saw their dream of winning the five hundred snatched in the last lap or even the last corner, that was the case for rookie JR Hildebrand in twenty eleven. The first year driver came to the Brickyard in twenty eleven with panther racing. The team that had finished in second place, the three prior years, but Hildebrand wasn't seen as a contender for the win as a rookie despite starting twelve the California rookie move steadily up the field and panther racing. Roll the dice the teen gamble that Hildebrand could stretch his fuel longer than his rivals. And one ninety eight Hildebrand took over the lead when Bertrand baguette had to pit for a splash of fuel. Bertran has headed to the pits. So he definitely needs here. We find a few. Okay. Nick. Yeah. With david. Bertram. Will come up three laps. Short mike. JR Hildebrand has gotten past Gat Dixon gives up the late. So JR Hildebrandt insulator with one hundred ninety seven soon to be one hundred ninety eight lamps complaint high.

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