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Eye radio on talk radio vij 60 g s cervo feeds red eye radio he's eric harley i'm gary mcnamara what was that you were just reading me from a river brit beef break after we went into the break oh above the flag lemme go back to it so so they went back uh when when morris the lady group first reported it than roofs times found out that she had mistaken the flags she pointed out she pointing to the current political climate as a possible reconfirm mix a sh here's the quote maybe that's the story we're so stressed by all things political unhealthy things that aren't fair maybe that's the story it and you can start with me oh my gosh i i just uh mm i'm not going to shake my head i'm not going to give it that much energy just amazing i remember though that campus were they thought there were nooses right there were gonna have a rally the next day um they thought they had found some nooses hanging from trees now she's actually a crime author to this woman who reported it rebecca morse okay she's a crime author in new york times bestselling author specializes in crime and she didn't know the dental she didn't know that as she didn't know the difference between lynagh region flag and a confederate flag i have a nephew that's an expert on on flags he can look at it and tell you boom i'm not gonna say i can identify a but i i know that it's not a confederate flag i'm not going to pretend to admit i could identify every flag except of course the taxes in the american flag i can identify love you might recognize japan's flag the uniqueness of the note pan not i said every flag i i couldn't do every flag had no idea no the japan flag which some for some reason in the 80s people started putting on shirts what was that why did people put the japanese flag on no idea on shirts and the states by the way not not in japan in japan they were like no we know what the flag looks like the canadian flag without incident that any flags at halfmast though after the us won the curling the s ryan us curley us when the curling gold on you see where they wanted to come back on they were they were trying to get a free upgrade the adult it to.

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