Hitler, Second Amendment, First Amendment discussed on The Mark Levin Show


On under the reign of hitler and he disarmed every one and then turnaround m four how we've talked about it on the show i mean uh think about the warsaw ghetto most most of the weapons the jews head there were handmade or they were they were relative few number of pistols and so forth they're up against tanks and in that sort of thing i mean there's a lot of reasons why the second amendment is there so it's an important amendment you know people don't talk at least openly like this and repeatedly like this about curtailing free speech even though the same liberal democrats want to do that they certainly never talked about curtailing freedom of the press and freedom of the press which the press uses to advance its agenda and the agenda the left if he even tall the press fake news which which trump does you remember there is a period of time where the media were saying that's dangerous what he's doing to the press this were on the press and on and on and there were just words right there were just words but the media went nuts because the media was being attacked through free speech claiming that they had a first amendment right freedom of the press that was being attacked by the prison the united states all right my friend i appreciate your call and the true sad reality folks is this today's thursday the slaughter took place wet three and a half four days ago and we continue to discuss bump stocks continued to discuss gun control we continue to discuss politics because again this is where the left has driven us this is where the left has driven us so fast moved us away from all those wonderful heroes those american citizens who are so courageous do during that horrific slaughter so fast they've moves us away from talking about the police officers who they despise they despise the police let's be blunt as they nationalize police departments jitters thing we haven't had any stories by the media about race and the cops because they're the only use race and the cops if they can create racial divisions but what about race in the cops in las vegas the.

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