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Yes. Would you say that's true? I don't watch a lot of like scary stuff and an artery does some gate keeping for Bryce to no matter. How much we tell us. She doesn't have to this that her job. Well, because he thinks he can watch scary stuff. But he'll just get scared. Yeah. Yeah. So we're looking at common sense media. And I think commonsense media says plus seven seven plus, okay. Okay. So family, but it's like more like later elementary school in on family viewing the parents on common sense media safe borne up. They children funnily enough say the old age seven. Yeah. Okay. So both Google and Netflix have direct links to commonsense media for their for their recommendations as far as viewing recommendations as far as age. Oh, very cool. Yeah. You know? I think the overall issue I have with Netflix like last night we were on looking for something to watch. And all right. Well, let's see what's on and boys went to bed, and I was a little tired, and I didn't want to get into a movie. So we were looking at like just some thirty minutes worthy. And there's so much on that you why? Watch all of the trailers, as you mouse over it or you move over at whatever you wanna call it that like forty five minutes later, you're like all right. Let's go to Ben. And you watch nothing, you know, like, but then it puts like seeds in your head real like, oh, I remember this trailer. It stood out to me. And oh, maybe we should go back and look at that. And maybe we should watch that. Oh, did you see that movie? I know we weren't looking for movie last night. But today would you look at the time? There's a couple of hours before you have to go to sleep. Why don't we watch him iffy? You know, what I call that paralysis by analysis? There's so much on there. You're looking at so much paralyzes you that you watch nothing and just go to bed, and I think that that will lead us into. Anything else you'd like to add Audrey good for having me, Audrey. Hey, I had a good time to I'm always excited when you were on the show and give your your adolescent insights because they really are in inviting and intriguing I think he'll. Yeah. All right. You have a good rest of your day to you. Okay. Bye now. So ted. So now we are done with Carmen sandiego. And we are done with Spiderman I saw there was a brief Ghostbusters twenty twenty teaser. So the Ghostbusters trae twenty teaser and the whole Netflix conversation kind of dovetail together. So since they dovetailed together how about we take a break. Okay. Let's do that. If you enjoy our trailer reviews, if you hate them, let us know we love feedback. We're untwisted at t- junkies, podcast and Instagram at trailer junkies podcast. You can also comment on the episodes at. Taylor junkies podcast dot com. Or Email is info at trailer junkies podcast dot com..

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