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From. You is a hug and kiss to seal the deal. Maybe st man. This is like one of his greatest promos man. That was one of his greatest. I real look to a terry highlights of the tag team match. That happened anderson dresses. Kind of like you dress. I then all i love it. Dusty turned around here and he's like look and he goes out against the big bubba rogers. Yeah that's where this originated at and that worked out perfect because has stayed. Oh yeah she's like all right. Crockett get this chair right. There's no that's the only chair like that in the building doesn't mean his sunglasses years and then he proceeds to and then this nerve hold right there like does he sell it like they. Cinematic steph was way ahead of his time. Uh paalea to watch you. We asked if he got his button all the way up. Oh yeah that's how real oggi's do back but that's what you got. I want him to come in like a bit. Why would he says the nasty bo. Both of them still alive. They are like when you when i think about like that. Stereotypical eighties wrestlers in. When they're making you watching a movie in the eighties wrestler. They scream and shout. I think the nasty yeah. Yeah has before they were heavy man like these guys they were. They were reckless and dangerous and steph but when they were when both of those guys were in pretty good shape they were pretty good Formidable tag team. And i think sags may be related to dusty rhodes yes staking. Its maybe through marriage. I think it was through. Marriage boy does. Does she look out a place in that bar gallon hat. He's half the people in. That bar weren't wearing a shirt no masks. Is that old klondike meal. It is yeah. I'm pretty sure great. That guy's got a heck of a job. Nick patrick bobby bobby king was watching something the other day and bobby heenan zone and they already brought in jim rawls and yeah and an heynen was kind of the third and you could just tell he was doing commentary. Yeah but dude he. You could tell he was phone in. Yeah i mean it was just. He didn't he wasn't on that night. Yeah but ross was kind like taken over and that was the that was the thing about heynen. He would kind of get on a row. We get to talk and jim. Ross would interrupt right start calling the action in the ring and it was shortly after that he left and went to. Wc going over the room surrender observer mission. The only way win. This is i mean. Now they do those ma- the the war games matches and annexed t and man they pale in comparison. They're like three on three and it's one cage and no no ruth. Tally are anderson tennessee. That's where i wanna be. Yeah how many those set jackets do you think arn anderson hand. Oh my. I'm glad to see those things making a comeback. Oh yeah let's just one. That said enforcer buck duster on. Yeah he looked like when we met him at wrestle kate. That's exactly what they look exactly like they do right there. That robert parker had a pair of white new balance shoes. But he's an older gentleman right. He was going to be only sleep on his feet all day. And now you got dusty dusty. Does this is what i love about dusty wrote when he would t- with the road warriors and he's a he's teamer with the national boys. He's got on nasty boys shirt right. Not somebody who would lead off hand. Yeah that's right. Golly fans just don't the fan were grabbing at bryant is that brian knobs blonde when i get him grabbed his wrist. Like fan. Today wouldn't think of doing that. Like oh god look you know. That's why back then Number one in the this is this would be an era when they wouldn't brag because like hundred thousand people are right you know over. We got this demo. This one demo.

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