President Trump, Kim Jong, Jared Kushner discussed on Nightside with Dan Rea


Still in the custody of the Delaware police right now, but he should be back either here in providence on Monday or possibly Boston jesse's father speaking with reporters from his Dorchester home earlier today. North this man because. Boston's police Commissioner says they will be extra patrols in the downtown area. We're hearing from the parents of Otto warmbier the American college student who died after being released from North Korean custody. They hold Kim Jong own responsible. While President Trump told reporters during his news conference the other day and annoyed that he did not believe Kim would have allowed something like that to happen. President today saying his remarks had been misinterpreted CBS's Errol Barnett with more President Trump appears to prioritize his personal relationships above the assessments of his own government. And we've seen this before with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Trump said he believed poodle when he said he had nothing to do with election meddling. Also with Saudi Arabia's Muhammad bin Salman, President Trump believing the denial, but the crown prince had anything to do with the disappearance and killing of John Lewis Jamal kashogi, despite the intelligence assessment Capitol Hill House Democrats on the oversight committee set a Monday deadline for. The White House to turn over documents related to security clearances. There are questions surrounding how the president's son-in-law Jared Kushner got his top secret clearance, Kushner has been touring the Middle East this week promoting the administration's peace initiative..

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