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Little bit different with the 33 or extrapoint jacksonville twenty three to seven over the bengal and brad powers you were talking a little bit about that again bortles twenty four thirty two hundred fifty nine yards so again short her media passes just one touchdown uh ivory seventy yards on the ground again another guy you know in the backfield that can deliver and again the defense you relying on a defense that's just all over the dangles kroft actually the relieving receiver to receptions for seventy nine so when you don't cj green and the reason is he got ejected but he wasn't doing anything anyway one reception for seven yards the i'll say this about jacksonville guys is no this is a team gus bradley that was very much underachievers and we look at what tom coughlin doug wounded and kind of making an example at a leonard for net gain time scratch for reasons of possibly missing a team photo in treatment this is scott coughlin's footprints all over it this is going to be disciplined football team and we're going to sit are star player for not falling the rules they're building a culture here jacksonville is different than we've seen in the last decade this team is a serious contender now with some of these injuries uh to take ownership of the uh of the self and the afc uh as a looks like with andrew look on for the year with the shawn watson for the texans gone for the year this is probably two men raced dissing the tennessee titans in the jacksonville jaguars thought division yeah i like stuff like that and you know you could say all thompson your old school dutta listen discipline like guys i cough on any any joked about at the old giants teammates joked about it if you've got to coffins meeting five minutes early you were ten minutes late a for it's the way he was so you know when if leonard fornet things just because he played it lsu and he's friends with.

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