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Coming up this week, but you don't have to file We're getting a little bit of a reprieve. My friends tell me at the iris that it's just so just they're super busy. They had to give out all those cove ID checks and others so far behind and s. Oh, they're going to give us a reprieve till May 17th. But as I said before, remember that if you're a person who has to pay Estimated tax. You still owe the estimated tax on April 15th so scurry to your accountant or make sure you put that check in the mail. Otherwise, you could be penalized. Now we're going to do a little luck quiz here on the Karen Conti show. We've got two contestants are going to be pitted against each other Kent from Peotone and Sherry from Aurora High. Can't How are you? You're doing great today and Sherry in Aurora, How are you doing? Good. They are you filing your taxes on April 15th? Either of you know. No, I already get you already dead, huh? Got right to it. This is Ah, um, so this this little quiz has to do with with Texas from all standpoints, and let's start. Let's let's play it where Kent is gonna actually ask. He's going to answer the question first, and then share. You're going to tell me if you concur or you have a different answer, and we'll keep score. Actually, Ben is gonna keep score. Um, because I can't do everything here. All right, ready? Can't be ready for the first question. Yes, I am. This celebrity owed $17 million in taxes and gave concerts for three years to pay off the taxes. A Tom Petty be Glen Campbell See Alice Cooper or D Willie Nelson. Let's go with D And what do you think? Sherry? Do you concur? Or do you have a different answer? Company Glen Campbell, Alice Cooper or Willie Nelson. Um, really, Nelson, You are both correct. It's Willie Nelson. Hey, actually had it. He had a song called Who, by my memories, and he did manage to pay back some of it. I'm not sure of all of it, but you're doing well so far. Here we go. And I'm going to start with you on this one. Sherry Sherry, what famous person was quoted as saying. We don't pay taxes on Lee. Little people pay taxes. That's a Martha Stewart be Leona Helmsley see a meld of Marcus or D Al Capone. Oh, Martha Stewart, be Leon. A healthy and what do you think? Can do? You concur? Oh, Deep Al Capone. Yeah, Okay. Can't What do you think I go with B? Leona Helmsley. And can't you are correct. It's Leona Helmsley. She was the hotel the air She evaded taxes of 1.2 million. But when she went to trial, she was fined 7.1. So the moral of the story is pay it. Otherwise you're going to pay a lot. Mork, The queen of mean Leona Helmsley. So we've got Kent is in the lead on this one. Okay, Here we go. We're going to start Count on this. What amendment created the federal income tax. A. The Sixth Amendment be the 16th amendment. See the 18th amendment, or D, the 19th amendment. Yeah. I'm gonna have to be after that. I'm gonna say eight. You think it's the which Amendment Whichever one you said was a I think that was the 66th amendment. Okay, Sherri, from Aurora, What do you think? You concur? What was the question? What amendment created the federal income tax not give you a hint. It was in 1913. Is it the Sixth Amendment, the 16th amendment, the 18th amendment or the 19th Amendment. I'm gonna go with 16 that is correcting Ding ding, ding ding. No Googling If you guys are Googling that's cheating. No, I didn't do that now. Okay. All right. So now we're going to start with sherry on this one. What is Tax Freedom Day? Is it a the day The average person could stop working to pay taxes and gets to keep the rest of his earnings be the day the income tax law was repealed by Congress or see the day that the French put all of its tax collectors to death. Guillotine. Well, now don't make me repeat those right? Sure. What do you think? Oh, my gosh. What were they? What was a day that began the day The average person has a construct, working to pay taxes, and he gets to keep the rest of the earning. So, basically, you're working to pay the taxes. And on that day, you can, uh, you can keep your earnings or be the day the income tax law was repealed by Congress or see the day French. But all the text collectors to death by guillotine. So they say. And what do you think? Can't That's definitely ate. That is correct. That is correct. Tax freedom Day. I don't know what day that is, Ben, Do you know what day that is, for the day that we It's really It's really, um really just terrible to think about it that you work for the government up until a certain day And then on Lee, then can you reap the benefit of your heart labor? Okay, Here we go. I forgot. Arianna. We're on Kent on this one, right? Yes, we are true or false theory. Iris has approximately 80,000 employees Maurer than the CIA and the FBI combined tour false. True. Sherry. What do you think? That is correct. You don't win that one. All right. Here we go. Sherry, this man was quoted in 17 89 is saying nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes. A George Washington Robert Smith, the first half text collector of the colonies, see Benjamin Franklin or D. Thomas Jefferson..

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