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Over Michigan by a score of sixty three to forty four eight more games today. Now your forecast from the Ramseys super more games today. Eight more team team. It's okay. It hasn't really worn off. You know has Teke juke and Auburn at North Carolina LSU at Michigan state Houston at Kentucky. So all right now your forecast from the Ramseys Subaru weather center afternoon showers bringing umbrella cloudy, high sixty one showers will end by midnight, cloudy, the low forty nine and Saturday, mostly cloudy skies, a high sixty eight that is your forecast from the Ramsey Subaru weather center, this weather report, sponsored by nj diet using Harris live DNA testing, and now bloodwork lose twenty to fifty pounds or even more in only forty days now offices throughout New York. New Jersey and Connecticut. Call eight five five five nj diet or log on to njdiet dot com. Clear skies at thirty one in Manhattan and Colonia. I'm Debra Valentine on seventy seven WABC running. Our comes to talk. Seventy seven. In the morning. Real stories real friends. This is New Yorker Richard Lewis. Hi, this is Keith Hernandez. God bless America is Jim Norton. Everybody's June seven. Devices. You are listening to Burien seed in the mornings. You know, what we I know this you. Because he's Friday. Do. Swung on a year too, deep right center field back goes bones on the track the cheese. Bullpen. Bye, bye birdie. And right Centerville Perry is the Birdman of New York to to pitch checks ring. Did he go around? They look to third strike three the call on appeal. The Mets.

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