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Had like a two or three hour drive and all i wanted to do was watch that game and my family insisted on travelling at night and so i had to listen to that game on the radio and for people who remember college football fans like that gave was insane and so a hearing it all transpire on the radio it was actually cooler than watching it would have been and so i i look back fondly losing my mind in the car with my family and my other four family members were just like we don't give a shit why are you making us listen to this game but that was great and then basketballwise i really don't ever listen to gains on the radio although there was one time when i was on a road trip a couple of years ago with my thengirlfriend now wife and we were stuck in the car during a heat playoff game and it was like it was i think the did not the year that they lost the mavericks but the year after and they were down to one to the pacers and it really look like that the whole heat aero was sort of teetering on the brink and then weighed in lebrun came back and i think they both had 40 in game 4 to beat the pacers and man ally listen that entire game on the radio and it was wild just hearing them go back and forth just sort of like slowly killing the pacers and because i think bosh was hurt that game two and both of them were just out of that world so it is fun to sort of experience games and have to imagine what's happening and i should probably listened two more games on the radio he says i guess what i'm saying here i mean it's a super tough job because the audiences like fully in your hands they have to trust you completely at i'm kind of a.

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