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You'll know better than i. What year that was. But he put up some decent stats. Yeah they get twenty five goal season. I think yeah you know. Econo- browns of same type of player honest hardworking guy got a little bit of skill on the offensive side. Definitely has a high hockey. I q and can play anywhere near light up. And he's the kind of guy you need if you're going to win you just don't want him on your top line regularly. You don't even want him on your second line regularly. You were playing on a top two or three team in the league He's probably playing on the third line if he's on the first line it's only because he's there to as defensive presence with two studs otherwise third-line guide so thou you have to factor in all right. How much do we pay third-line guy and that's where you might have a bit of a problem here Down the road on. I'm not sure you were trying to remember what it is. That he voided. What is he making right now. Do you remember. I think he's around three and a half three eight You're absolutely right. He's making three six. So that's not bad like not a problem at all with that kind of money. I hear everything you're saying. I still maintain an. He certainly can help. Be a defensive presence. But i also think that there's a chance that that guy 'cause even more than jj pozo he's creating all the time you've mentioned before about. Does that guy dr. A line in our conversations for example about above guinea often the answer's no whereas connor brown is driving lines. Right now. whatever line he's on like he's not only a great defensive presence but he's making crap happen. Josh norris school like connor brown won't be on the scoresheet for an assist on that but he's the guy that went into the corner with two leafs went down in a heap big mass and forced a turnover that ended up on norris's stick. Sorry i it. Went out to. I think it was atherton and the not norris but making stuff happen creating chances and you know he'll be well off in my theory here well off what his to linemates will do as far as actual stats go. Maybe but i still think that that guy might have a home on a top six situation again. Like i said with skill players right like like yes. He is your stereotypical third-line grinding winger..

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