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Okay. Well, I didn't know he was going to propose like I was shocked. I wanna wanna risk it. And it was like exactly what I had said that I like, well, I do think it's okay to not like something. It's just it's a tough one. Yeah. Well, tell that to my husband because I still hear about the watch. And that he's like never bought me. A one time. He got me this bracelet from Afghanistan. Serving. Yeah. Go ahead. No, you serving our country exactly which I fully supported of inev- supported a lot thinking Thinking of of you. you that they always protecting us. He's thinking you there's this one particular stone. I guess they get sold. They're a lot like in the market. I don't know. But all these other guys they were buying it for their wives. And he was like, oh, I bet I bet Amy would like what? So anyway, he bought me one. Like I wouldn't ever wear. I know so thoughtful, and like, I know you just over there. And I love that in every eight that and the like it like, I'm not gonna wear it. So I still have it. But I don't wear but that watching that bracelet sore subjects round our house sore like sore got on these about me a piece of jewelry after the watch over given the chance of strike. Ijaz about this. Because all the other guys. He's still the other guy said their wives. Love this stuff too. Guys. I said we'll they have different tastes. So I have. Yeah. I sometimes you just gotta wear it because with the sometimes occasionally, okay, I'll take it out the Washington tomorrow. Picking the bracelet. It's time for the good news. You all remember last week the pull their vortex? You know win across America will outside St Louis there was a bus crash. So these two EMT's get the call they respond and the ambulance has really hard time getting through the ice..

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