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Coach? And that may be, too. Shawn Watson looks at hiring David Cully as some type of empty gesture to him. That's the only thing I could think of here because, as I said yesterday, and I do believe this I think that to Sean want I'd like to see him sit down with David Collie. Because the reports and the reputation are that Cully is a really warm, optimistic, genuine guy. And that has been in that has been in dire need. In Houston since Bill O'Brien took over. Gary Kubiak was that type of guy. He connected a lot of people. He'd listen to you. He was somebody that brought invoices and said, You know, let's do this as a team. Bill O'Brien was autonomous. She wanted to be a dictator. He wanted to kick and scream and yell and melt down and do it his way. And Bill O'Brien, one a couple of games there won a couple of divisions. But ultimately, Bill O'Brien stick war thin when the team started tuning him out, and he's still kicking and screaming and yelling. That doesn't work anymore. And then you just seem like a petulant over sized child, which is what Bill A prime really kind of is. So O'Brien gets pushed out and most of the organization I'm sure feels exhausted off dealing with somebody that is kind of my way or the highway and emotionally very Strict on edge and can't kind of control his anger or whatever. So Cully walks in, and is the exact opposite. He's kind of a gentle voice that's been an assistant coach for a really long time build relationships. Offense of guy worked under Andy Reid worked under John Harbaugh and has a lot of respect, so I would like the idea. Of the Sean wanted at least the listing to Cully happen. I'd like the concept of them sitting down and talking. For it to happen. But if to Shawn Watson is not even willing to listen, does not even care and says I'm requesting a trade on the day or I have, and it's now announce on the day they hire a head coach. It tells me two things. Number one. That whatever Cal McNair and or jockey Jack Easterby did to do. Shawn Watson is irreparable that they screw this up so badly that everything else doesn't matter that you, Shawn Watson, is that Dent and maybe it's personal. Maybe it's real personal. I don't know. But something happened. Where to Shawn Watson, who is by all accounts, a great dude. I mean, the guy has had an impeccable reputation from high school on The fact that I mean JJ Watt after 4 12 season, wraps his arm around and walking off the field week. 17 it says, Man, we wasted one of your years. You deserve better than that. I don't think the Shawn Watson saying that or doing that for the camera, and I don't think you sing. You're doing that to a jerk or a guy that he doesn't really respect. That's JJ freaking. Why By all accounts are shown. Watts is a great guy. That Cal McNair and Jackie Jackie Easterby whose ride in counting nears, You know what could possibly Anger frustrate, alienate, too. Shawn Watson. This badly is the biggest sin and the biggest crime on their hands. And as I've said before, if I'm McNair I am firing Jackie's to be yesterday. What's what's it worth? What is it worth? It's worth losing your franchise quarterback. A 25 years old to keep on a team chaplain mean give me a break. So maybe this is too Shawn Watson saying Choose me or him. Me or Jacque Easterby. Who knows? Maybe it's that power play. But the second part that it tells me is That he must view the hiring of Holly with a bit of a side. I That maybe he thinks Oh, now they're just trying to curry favor with me. Or now they care about what I think, Or maybe even think Cali's a good candidate. Because he suggested Robert Saleh and they didn't even basically give him a sniff or whatever it Woz. That He thought that they did wrong. But the second part is that the hiring of Cully Is met with skepticism from the Shawn Watson. And again. Maybe he thinks this is a hollow shallow move by Cal McNair to try to say like, Hey, look, we hired this guy and who knows? Who knows for those reasons why to Shawn Watson have used it that way. Like those two things that I would read into this situation that yesterday. I mean to Shawn Watson couldn't even wait after like the announcement. You couldn't wait until today or next week. That somehow the day that they hire announced the hiring of The head coach. He says, Yeah, I'm requesting a trade. I mean, the bridges are burning. In Houston, and it is It is such a crime that they did this and they ruin this because you you had him bought in to a huge extension a year ago. You're a go to Sean wanted wanted to end his career is a Houston, Texas a year later. He's asking for a trade. And he's got a new no trade clause. I mean, he did have a no trade clause, so it didn't seem like you wanted to be traded. It's a devastating turn of events for that organization. Devastating They must have really, really messed this thing up and Apparently announcing Mikis area of the GM, while the Sean wanted was on vacation was a bridge too far. That he might have felt as though they did that basically behind his back because they knew that he wouldn't like it. That he had offered them some suggestions or they had a search firm and that they went against all of that to hire Jack Easter B's best friend, while the Sean wants was on vacation. And that apparently does not sit well and frankly, I don't blame him. Your phone number's 855 to 1 to four CBS or on Twitter, D A on CBS. Amos in Tennessee has dialed us up and Amos, I come to you with my hat in my hand. I apologize for keeping you on hold the last couple of days and not getting to you. How are you, buddy? I won't do a well, thank you for taking my call in. It's no problem. I I enjoy listening. And if I get through, I get through to their problem. Um, I mean, really, This is also on your sister, too, for calling at that exact moment. Well, you know how women are when they get in the car. You know their first instinct to call somebody in my sister's no different, You know, she loves to talk on the phone, and my biggest concern was embarrassing, Pete. And I didn't want to end up in the you know, in the same categories that bozo from New Mexico and I had so much to tell you. I wanted to tell you that your port but look real good. And over the weekend. And um and, uh, Miss Tennessee coach and higher It's a real interesting one effort, so I thought it was strong that the nepotism and I thought about what the offense could be and what Kevin Steele taken helmet, the defensive. It's out of the ball. Hey, have strong recruiting ties that you know he does things the right way, And he did things the right way. Auburn and you know they were too formidable defense there at Auburn, and, um, I really think he's steady force. That could hold that Tennessee program intact in I'm not a fan. I just worked there, and I gotta say the atmosphere is real nice, and you know they're easy to root for once you're down there in that in that environment, you work at UT Yes, sir. I run the security for the south ends and Oh, cool. All right. So, So what's the vibe on the Heiple hire our people starting to buy and a little bit warm up to what are they still kind of.

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