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I just can't believe i've waited this long to ash. God's about the things that. Jj watt has been doing recently because j. j. watt very publicly cut a hole in the ice in the earth and then took photographs where he is descending into that ice and he is showing you how he cares for his body by getting into ice water and allowing the ice water to heal and make his blood circulate and allow all the healing. That comes with ice tubs. And i was just curious how you experienced all that. Because i heard you and saw you the other day wondering aloud how it is that. Jj watt was going to find the places to endear himself to the arizona audience and he took some pictures around the locker of pat. Tillman and that is something that is very close to the people of arizona. It's also something very polarizing to the people of arizona and he said that it was an honor to be in the sphere where pat tillman's jersey exists and. I'm certain it is an honor to be in that sphere. It should be an honor to. Jj watt to be in that sphere. But it's the most. Jj watt thing to do in the world right is to take a picture next. I'm not going to be cynical about that though. I understand anyone cynicism when it comes to. Jj watt and him giving off the athlete that you wish your athlete to be and i also understand. This is something we've been talking about for years. It is an excellent way in that sport where the bodies are disposable and all the quarterbacks are the only ones who are stars to make yourself a star is to be the white guy. Who's captain america. Who is selling all the things on defense that a defensive player of the year can sell an also is just maximum. One hundred percent feeding all the mythologies and you can question whether it's sincere or not houston until now did not question whether it was sincere or not. They might question it now because he is quote unquote betrayed houston or not been loyal to houston and so the fans will do what fans do and do you make us feel good. No you don't make us feel any the feel good anymore okay. We'll question your sincerity. But this is something that we've observed about. Jj watt for wild from a distance and stugatz has been maximum cynical about jj watt psalm. Asking is the first man to accuse him of not actually having a log cabin that is sparse and the log. Cabin has an elevator in the log. Cabin isn't actually a log cabin. How did you experience him descending into the earth after very publicly cutting up the ice so that he could descend and take pictures in the icy earth. The same way. I experienced everything. Jj watt just hop into an ice bath like without telling us. Just go do it because that's part of your job. That's part of recovering from your workout. So dan i cannot believe that we pay this much attention to a guy who does all these things during the off season and has deposed one of them it an effort to try to give off that. He's making himself better. He's working very very hard. And then he shows up first actual job which is sacking the quarterback and he never does it. So explain that to me. Why are we in namur. Jj watt and. why can't. Jj watt something as simple as izing body without telling the entire world why you know. He has a cold tub in that cabin. Did you see the sauna. Like on the fifth picture of that thing in fits the entire arizona cardinals if you wanted to put them in there. It's ridiculous you don't need to cut that hole into the middle of the ice do that. Also he wasn't cutting it. If you notice the pictures wasn't in the pictures of the people cutting he was taking the pictures of the people cutting and also jd. Watch strikes me as someone who would be offended if someone cut ice and hurt the earth. So i'm surprised that he's going out there hurting the earth cutting the is going down into the water and also also think about the deers end. The animals that run around there that now may fall into that ice water and die. Jj watt because of your selfishness because of your instagram picture. Get over yourself okay. So billy feels the same about. Jj watt are there. How could you not honestly. Yeah you feel any other way about him. I mean well. I think your guy. You guys have the minority opinion on. Jayjay what he did become a star. Somehow people are tired of. Jj watt overrated. Yeah put it on the poll. Guillermo are people tired of. Jj watt yesterday when you do the whole isis thing and you cut into the earth and you sit there and take pictures of yourself. It's fine when you have twenty one sacks when you have five and a half it becomes a joke. I mean seriously okay. But you're doing the move that we sort of marveled at the other day when who was it did the move. Was it you. That did the move. No it was Chris russo got confused because he got fooled by a tom. Izzo twitter account. That wasn't tom izzo. And so the first order of business was to try to rip. Tom is those record and then he realized wait a minute. Tommaso has been kind of good this year. so i can't rip the record. You ignore that. Jj watt wasn't it a couple of years ago that he had double digits sacks. Was that not a couple of years ago. Do i have that wrong. Let's play them as he's done for us late. Let's let's sixteen sacks. I think three years ago since that. It's been a complete disaster. Let let's play for the audience where it is courtesy of mad dog radio and sirius. Xm where it is that stugatz learned all the things he needed to learn about. Pivoting when you've been accused of something like farting on the air. I'm getting a little mileage out of this with the so-called fought yesterday On the air when i was doing our show on february twenty fifth that never goes way It was blowing my nose It wasn't a fought but tom. Izzo has just repeated. Just re tweeted. That and tom said it still could have been a fought so they go so. We're getting a little. Thank you funhouse Nice job by front house from that standpoint. We can use all the publicity we get from that so the The fart that wasn't is a big topic now. in michigan state michigan state's winning games. I was gonna kill thomas. How about one the ball games. They want something thinking mouth shut. Plus by kid wants to be a basketball coach. And he's run into is once it dries. I'm inside so i gotta be nice so they go from from that standpoint. Is this generational in terms of how young people tend to roll their eyes as. Jj watt feeds the machine on what old people want from their athletes. Because i don't believe the. Jj watt is polarizing. I believe there are some people. And they are the internet snarky people who have a distaste for. Jj watt but. Jj watt is pretty purposefully. Whether he's doing it consciously or not still got. You can't dispute that. He's feeding the things that sports fans like right that sports fans generally like their athlete to be pure and wholesome and believe in the right things and do charitable things. And if it's a little look at me it's okay. Hey look at me. Because he's doing good things in working hard and being about integrity and team right up until his team loses and then he flees the premises. Because he's mad at bill o'brien and everything that happened around his beloved texan. You know what. Sports fans like dan. They're like saks. They like winning. They like plays that help their team when they don't care about an ice bath in the winter of it results in no wind. They don't care they don't care if you do all the right things to get yourself ready for a season in which you're gonna play nine of the sixteen games have five sacks down. They stopped they stopped carrying right at that point when the production doesn't meet what he's doing on social media that's when they stop caring and start rolling their eyes. I'm telling you he's corny. He's not doing the right. These corn pox guy. Listen to me. Who cares what he did. In two thousand eighteen. You know who won the super bowl in february of two thousand eighteen the philadelphia eagles utah gang. How did.

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