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Joe Biden says If he's elected, he'd consider a national mask mandate to fight the Corona virus. And the Democratic nominee says he doesn't trust the President Donald Trump's own director, CDC told us that wearing a mask is a single most important step we can take to curb this virus. No vaccine is much more effective than the MASH and President Trump says CDC director Robert Renfield was confused and gave Congress inaccurate information, saying a vaccine would won't be widely available till next summer. The president says they have massive distribution ready so Soon as it is announced, will be able to start that'll be from mid October on it, maybe a little bit later than that. The attorney general has stirred up controversy. Talking about the shutdowns during the Corona crisis. Fox's Rachel Sutherland has more live Dave likening pandemic lockdowns to slavery, William Barr said most governors air defying common sense. This is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history. Speaking at Hillsdale College in Michigan Bar said, there's a way for businesses to operate safely during the pandemic. Tell us what tell the business people what the rules are. And then let them try to adapt their business to that barbecue, some governors of treating free citizens babies that I take responsibility for themselves or other Americans listening to you. Good morning. It's six. So three at Alabama's morning news with J T I'm Leah Brander Day. Ivy will hold a news conference today in Montgomery talking about recovery logistics in the aftermath of the Storm Stadium, a director Brian Hastings, saying first responders from other parts of the state and the National Guard personnel have already been dispatched to.

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