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We also had Clara torsen, one of my favorites came that we always always bring up on the pod. She grabbed her first career third round Grand Slam birth with a win against Annette cultivate the 6th seed 6 two 6 four again another very ruthless ruthless one hour and 19 minutes. Yeah, I mean, this felt to me maybe a little less surprising, but at the same time, both players I think have been playing some very, very good tennis recently, but tolson is just underlining, I think that again, perhaps I radically at the end of last season this will be you could arguably be sad. Tools last season was her breakout season, but she is just going to go up and up the rankings. Yeah, and this I mean, this match, I think, surprised me just because the way come to finish last season and how she seemed to have started in her first match here. I think this wouldn't have surprised me so much if you've come to be in the contemplate of a year ago. And I think it's a shame, actually, because controversy obviously both finished last season very strongly and they've both been obliterated off the court today. I think it's the manner of the school lines really straight sets. But yeah again, like corneille, Clara tossing today, everything went very well. She just hitting winners, left right and center serving. Well, just kind of one of those days where it all boxes ticked and it all comes off nicely. In the third round, she's playing Daniel Collins, perhaps it's not going to be one of those days. She could try and go for all her shots and they may not come off. So perhaps they're a bit of a hit and miss, but I mean, if she can keep this form and execution of her tennis up, then I see her getting through Collins as well. He was a very tough battle. But I think tossing has the potential to go deep and perhaps she'll be inspired by what radically did in New York and think, well, you know, maybe this is my time because she did win the girls event here in 2019. So quite recently, really. To want a title at this event albeit a junior slam. I think she's one to watch. To see how deep she can go. Yeah, I mean, she's got a nice, yeah, nice match up against Daniel Collins, both of those players. I think we'll see that as an opportunity of our big opportunity making the forefront. And as I said, we've got Elena ryback in the 12th seed, unfortunately she had to retire due to a foot injuries. She was 6 four one love down to Zhang shuai of China. He's got to the quarterfinals at the Australian open before. But yeah, yeah, a bit annoying, I think, for ride back and because I think a lot of us were again sort of talking about her, one of these players did not want to face. She was playing some very, very good tennis in the build up to Melbourne. And yeah, it's unfortunate that her body has got in the way, I think, of her potentially making a deep run in the tournament. Yeah, it's a shame. And I had her down as my finalist. So I maybe put a curse on her and it's a shame because yeah, she seems to start out really well and then maybe get an injury or just things happen. So let's hope she recovers quickly and can be back on tour and picking up that form, which saw her get to was it, I think the I want to say Adelaide final earlier this season against balti. But we did have two other seeds in action today. Saba lenka had another tough day, another tough days on serve. Lots of double faults. But she did come through, which is the main thing one 6 6 four 6 two against jinji Wang. Yeah, coming through after losing that first set, 6 one again serving. I think 12 double faults in that set alone. I think she had about half of those in her first service game. You know, it's about winning ugly sometimes. And if she can play her way through to maybe the second week and gradually work on that serve and just do what she can to actually just get the win. Who knows? She might suddenly turn it all around. I mean, you just don't know. You've just got to get the win at the end of the day, haven't you in these early rounds? Yeah. I mean, she is fighting through. I think this is the first first time she's won from a set down in multiple matches slammed. So it shows, I think the great character, I think she has, she's not just giving up because her serve isn't working. She is finding a way through. And I think, yeah, it's going to obviously you don't want to lose too many sets, 6 one and you have to kind of fight back from such a big deficit and yeah, for sabalenka, the second seed, she's going to want to make sure that she can get a better start quicker because I think that's what some of our other fellow players are doing and eager Schwann tech is one of them who, again, is playing some very, very good tennis at the moment..

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