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Well that was a fun night of hockey at the C. T. C. that courtesy of tsn. Gordon Miller with the call sends when at four three in overtime on artem Anisimov goal. A nice little chip play by Brady could chuck with three points on. The night is actually now three way tie for the sense scoring lead at thirty six points. It could chuck. Jj Pozo and Connor Brown game. Fifty nine and you're scoring leaders have only thirty six points. That's not real good but hands up viewers surprised even see thirty one old artem. Anisimov out there in a three on three setting the score on ice breakaway goal to win it yet. Pie Show in Tyler. Ennis also scoring for the sends Craig Anderson Stopped Thirty. Six shots is a big weekend. Very good in relief in the Toronto loss and good again against Dallas next says we hosting buffalo tomorrow February eighteenth. And I'd probably keep rolling with Anderson. See if anybody comes knocking for them with the trade deadline set for Thursday and as for the win to hell of a team the sends beat stars a thirty four nineteen and six and it's You know what it's great to see former head coach. Rick bowness rolling again in there on an interim basis and Also good to see way less effing blue jerseys in the crowd than we saw the night before that had to be some kind of C. T. C. infestation. Record all right. Let's get to our computing web pool for today because it involves your Edmonton oilers and they got a victory and the three on three as we record this. You're in fact you're delaying the recording of the show. So you can watch the end of the oilers. I was also proud. Well doubled my. I doubt you sent me a c note because I one hundred bucks off through the end of the football season so I threw it on the news. Today they were they were two to one underdogs so double d double the Hyundai Stevie. Thank you for that. It's pretty impressive. When you think about the fact without Connor mcdavid right now But I still like to to to one. That's that's not a bad bet. I think so. And they're rolling. They're playing they're playing. Well this line the the reason that everyone thought. Oh my God connors up. He's going to be back in a few days by the way. Connor mcdavid they said. Oh my God connors out. Who's going to pick up the slack and it's dry. Seidel nugent-hopkins in Yamamoto are. They might be setting the world on fire right now. Obviously they get way more than the normally would so I got the food? Got The pitch Stevie to get the playoff fever pitch going right now I do. I'm starting this. I'm starting to watch the standings now. I always look forward to them. But not the way I do when the sensor involved because they're not involved this just in listen Steve if they if they can win thirty in a role and everybody else goes a twenty five percent sends. Let's get to the web for Harvey Competing Web Pool. What do you think of Zack? Kassian of your Edmonton oilers. Getting seven games for kicking a guy with his skate blade. I think just in a policy. I mean you look at that particular. Play if you've seen the video it's kind of like he's lying on the ground and Eric sure neck is lying down as well. And he's Kinda taking time getting up into Cassius had enough of them and gives them a little sort of Bruce Lee leg kick and it wasn't like a sort of it it didn't even look like the player even felt it to be honest. He got on and got on with his life. Who's probably felt like him? Like a cross check or something like that and not even not even a very hard one but to me I would have no problem with the NHL Saying. Hey if there's any level of trying to make contact intentionally with another player with your skate. Blade is an automatic fifteen games. That's how I would do it. I was reading back about Zack. Kassian he's got a great great story because he had a a life that was spiraling out of control when he started in Vancouver when he was there with drugs and booze and women all sorts of stuff and he was a time bomb on the ice. See what he was. He was completely upside down his life. And it certainly cost him dearly when he was with. Vancouver and then. He turned his life around and he got sober. He got clean. He's like a hundred percent different guy and he was which which is a great story. This is the second time. Steve's been suspended and you fear fear that is going back into his own and I don't I don't mean drugs drugs and booze but the guy was wild man and I'm quoting a coach from Vancouver. Who who was managing him at the time and said the guy was just freaky out of control. You know right. So that's you never see that you never see that the only the only time I can ever remember kicking someone escape was have let the last time I remember it in. Ottawa and I thought have lots was worse. Actually I think that one would. Dublin should have got more to that was more of a way a punter would punk punt the football. Kind of like the to- I like. That's even more dangerous than than what cassie and did but I would throw the book at both of them and I would have if I'm running. Nhl Player safety. I've got an automatic in there. Take the gray area out of it if you intentionally trying to make contact with someone with your skate blade. It's an automatic fifteen games. Yeah yeah he's crazy is man. He's crazy is cassie and there are certain. There's sort of a like no defense against that right. The Guy sees it the show them the video it comes off. The is what the fuck was that. What was that you know? And generally their answers to be. I don't know I don't know I just I just lost my mind. And and if you're running a hockey team and this guy's a gunner right. He was playing on Connor's line and playing great. It's like okay. What's up with that. What's up with that dude? No doubt I mean. He's a and lots of suspension to this. Point is a first time scenario. But I think it's just you know it's one of those plays where he can make it black and white and just say hey. You decided that you're going to try and make contact intentionally. With another person with the escape we all know it can happen in unintentionally but this is so obvious that we just say okay. This is the number whatever it is. That number has to be more than seven in my opinion. But let's check and see what the good listener thinks we've got Zad one. Is there an equivalent act using equipment to injure in other sports and if so what would be the penalty? Imagine a battery charging the mound with a bat in his hand. This is rare in hockey and must be punished severely to keep it rare and he brings up Marty Havlat Times to and what we just saw the Cleveland Brown player clobber a guy or the Pittsburgh. Steelers over the head with his helmet. We saw very deep Minor League Baseball Game. Where a guy just basically beating the pitch the pitcher thrown at through behind him. Instead of going into the mound he turned around and started smashing the Catcher with his baseball bat decided it was a convenient thing right rather than have to run out to the pitcher and this led his buddy it just easier from a couple more here this go through three or four and then we'll get some whatever when you want to react to. Nhl Safety Watcher is personally seven or eight as fair based on how? They've ramped up suspensions in the past. There's legitimate argument to change the rule. I think kicking should be automatic. Ten Games regardless of the history of the player at Aroma. Bean writes seven games. Come on should be fifteen at minimum is not the lack of injury. It is the intent. Riquet see this is a ridiculous decision skates so sharp. Serious injury could have happened. This is one of the most flagrant fouls that could be committed. And there's no excuse and lastly Silva way too low for such dangerous play. I was looking at a minimum ten games more so after his comments about the other player faking and potentially flying into the recipe tried showed no remorse. Scott already. He's already been suspended to boot. This year complete miss okay. We're GONNA take a time out here James But.

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