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Don't let that be a bad surprise. Yeah, I, I actually made that mistake last year, we after traveling to Canada, for snowboarding with my daughter and son, I remembered, you know, I gotta renew this off and then the pandemic, it, and then a tornado hit here in Nashville and I forgot about it. I kept thinking of my God, I should check on that, and I never got. I always got distracted. We had a trip to Mexico. I looked and saw her password expired and unfortunately she wasn't able to make the trip because the password expired. And so we got it all fixed now and everything's good. Here's your bonus tip, this is Nicola. Are you ready for this Thursday? So if you have that happen and as a trip you have to do, I mean, let's say you've lost a relative and you've got to be there, you know, for last rites and so forth you can always reach out to your local congressperson and they know how to expedite passports so that don't do that regularly. But as a last resort, your local congressperson has the right and maturity to expedite the issuance of a passport. Yeah, that's an excellent tip. It wasn't an emergency for us to go down to Mexico. Enjoy the Sun but yeah, it is definitely worthwhile thing to do for people that are in that type of situation which I really appreciate you coming on the show and sharing all these amazing tips. I learned a lot about Denver, I've been having a great time meeting you can you tell me a little about who you are? What you do. And then if something is more questions about changing her about your podcast or about your business, what's the best way for them to reach you on social media? Well obviously I'm on LinkedIn I'm on Facebook. Mitch Kristin k r a y t o n. I own Creighton travel. We are a VIP Travel agency that focuses exclusively on small ship cruising. So if you thought about River Cruises, if you thought about Lake cruising, if you thought about inland waterways canals, even ocean vessels that are smaller than nine hundred passengers everywhere in the world, I have a vessel that will suit you, or you can get Charter Academy ran in the Caribbean. If you have a small family gathering, or if you have a lot of people 90 people, I can get you a luxury yacht to pretty much take you anywhere so long as there's a water connection to it, that's my specialty. And I do love it and most of the folks I work with their their, in their 55 plus years. So they're either, you know, sea level officers that have the flexibility. See where they've retired and they're taking off their Bucket List as well. So that's what I do. And Mitch at Creighton travel is my email and not look forward to helping everybody and you know, if if a cruises in your life, I'm the guy for you on the small ship crusing concierge. I do have World Wide Travel cast, which you can get through each one of the sources out there where you can just email me and I'll get you a link to that. And I do the small ship crusing Expo every year and we're planning to do one song September of this year, virtually rather than physically. So people from all who are within earshot of this podcast can play along. So yeah, thank you so much for all that will include links to your travel agency, off the podcast and the small ship, cruise Expo in the show notes that way. If anybody has any interest in attending those they'll be able to find that link right there. So again thanks for being on the show and we look forward to seeing you when we travel there birthday. Cutely. This has been my pleasure. Welcome everybody.

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