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Loss productivity angry managers at unhappy customers. More remote workers means more risk for costly downtime with sodhi you can view the screen of any remote device and resolve issues anytime anywhere in minutes instead of typing simply record audio and video of the call and attach it to a support minimize downtime maximize your business. Mobility visits sodhi dot net slash fox for a free trial for fox news radio listeners. That's esotique dot net slash fox. A murder warrants been issued for a teenage boy in nebraska. The sixteen year old is wanted in connection with a shooting at a shopping mall in omaha. One man was killed yesterday. A woman was wounded. A second teenager is under arrest charged with being an accessory. There's a manhunt in kenosha wisconsin. Also were a shooting at a bar has left three people dead. We don't believe this was a random act up. I currently from what i've been told believed that the three people who passed away probably knew each other and This was a targeted situation kenosha. Sheriff david beth. Police have no suspects and there could be more than one. The white house is defending its decision to pull all u s forces out of afghanistan by september eleventh. We have trained and equipped three hundred thousand afghan forces to defend their country and their people and seven years ago. Nato said that at the end of the year at the end of two thousand fourteen we would transition full responsibility to them. President biden determined that it is finally time to do so national security adviser. Jake sullivan on fox news sunday. Many republicans believe a smaller. Us force should stay there. Dire warnings about the health of a well known anti corruption activist who remains jailed in russia. The doctor for imprison russian opposition leader alexei novel news in the third week of a hunger strike says the forty four year old kremlin critic could be on the verge of death white house national security advisor jake sullivan on cnn. State of the union. On sunday morning issuing a warning to russia about navalny we have communicated to the russian government that what happens to mr navalny in their custody is their responsibility. And they will be held accountable. By the international community. Navalny's supporters are planning a major protests in russia. This coming wednesday the twenty first. That's fox's headliner. I'm pam from this out and this is fox. News is sensitive business data leaking from your fleet of mobile devices. it could be from devices using unsecured wifi. Maybe an unlocked. Corporate tablet was left in a coffee shop. Those leaks must be plugged now. Sodhi provides enterprise mobility management solutions to monitor control and secure your mobile devices work easy knowing the drip of lost data is shot off with silly visit. Sodhi dot net slash fox for a free trial for fox news radio listeners. That's s. o. T. i dot net slash fox. Here's a look from the heartland news feed weather center. Friday partly sunny with a high near fifty eight friday night showers mainly after nine pm with a low around forty five. Saturday showers likely. Mainly before seventy. I'm otherwise mostly cloudy with a high near fifty six. That's the latest weather checkout more news and weather on our website at heartland news feed dot com telegram from his own wife the sovereign queen elizabeth the second his remarkable life which included fighting nazis and fascists in the far east and in the european atlantic theater of operations spending seventy three years walking a couple of paces behind the queen nov the united kingdom seventy three years her concert and most of the almost all of it as the consort to the head of state of britain being involved with eight hundred different charities having a large family not all of whom went on to please him and generally being as i said last week a good egg a good laugh i know think tick down to earth man. His funeral was an epic of the genre. It was an epic success. For great britain showed great britain in the best possible. Light with one or two caveats that i shall go on to me but the british proved again yesterday and a global audience all over europe. All over the north american sub-continent all over parts of africa and asia millions and millions of people watched it and it showed that when it comes to pump and ceremony when it comes to the epic extravaganza of military and bands and dramatic backdrops and unusually. We even got a good day for it. The british are pretty hard to beat. It was a credit to everyone who was involved in the planning and the execution of the funeral it was for assad location actually in parts quite uplifting certainly i think worked wonders for the unity of the united kingdom. You could tell that by the fact that the separatist leader nicholas sturgeon was struck dumb on twitter all day. You could tell that by the wailing and gnashing of teeth of sociopaths who couldn't allow nine thousand nine year old man's funeral to go by without venting their bile. It was a tremendous success. But i want to enter these two caveats. Why was the queen forced to sit alot in the chapel. The funeral of her husband of seventy three years. Why would she left bereft alone. Why couldn't she be with our family. Why there only certain people at the funeral. I've just come down region street. The were more people in the sock department of each them than were allowed at the funeral of the consort of the queen. What kind of madness is this. What kind of madness is it to force a ninety four year old lady to sit alone on suchy harrowing occasion grief. She wants said is the price we pay for love. I could see that she was in. Grief might be nice if she'd been able to squeeze the hand of her son of her daughter wouldn't it and how many family members were not allowed to attend. When in soho there are thousands of people sitting together in the street last night getting roaring drunk but only thirty people can go trial royal funeral..

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