Whoopi Goldberg, Disney, Kathy Smith discussed on Sean Hannity


First two sister act movie, she has confirmed that there's a new sister act, unfortunately for Whoopi Goldberg, she's not going to be involved. Oh, so she said that she's been all over Disney begging to get this movie off the ground doing it. Because a lot of people really like this movie. There's a great musical that's based off of it. And she said, it's not gonna be sister act three it's going to be a brand new rendition of sister act, and I guess I'll walk through seen in. That's how they settle be part of it. I mean, what it is to Whoopi rocked the new saga. Yes. Sister act not back in that habit. That's even better. Oh, that's brilliant habit. Biker right now sister act bad habits are hard to break. Thank you. Yeah. So apparently, the movie is going to be happening. What he's just going to make a cameo in it. But I would love to see what be Goldberg and sister act three she made the movie her. She did talent made the movie, of course, there's a Kathy Smith or Maggie Smith excuse me caffeine, Jimmy. Great people. I think Harvey cartel was in the first sister act as her boyfriend. Isn't that weird? I remember I saw it. But it was a longtime. Yeah, you're right. He played boyfriend that hiding from. Yes. And they were in Reno together at the beginning of the booby. So funny that is so true. Yes. That is love Whoopi. I would love to see her back on the on the screen. And maybe if she was in it even in a cameo. I I might have to check it out. Check it out. But I won't tell anyone something that you can check out right now..

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