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The Legislature have been for weeks and weeks now. Try to get our schools safely open in the state of California is my desire to get our schools safely open as quickly as we can safely. The governor says he's been working with state lawmakers for weeks on an action plan for vaccinating teachers. More news now with Kate the case Joe Michael's getting activists targeted Sacramento Mayor Gerald Steinberg's home during the Saturday night demonstration gave because Mike Blunt tells US property damage is reportedly in the thousands of dollars. In a statement released by the mayor, spokesperson Mary Lynn Malinga. Steinberg said the activists threw rocks, destroyed a homemade piece of art and shouted his Children's names repeatedly. The Sacramento Police Department also released a statement about the incident, saying about 50 people dressed in all black, some with riot shields and helmets dispersed after law enforcement declared an unlawful assembly. No arrests were made, but police are working to identify those who engaged in criminal activity. A report from the Sacramento Bee pointed to the Twitter accounts. Activist is being responsible, but the account tweeted out that they were not involved. Steinberg says Many of the people involved were not from Sacramento. Mike Blunt news 93.1 kfbk at least two of the agencies that help the survivors of domestic violence in Sacramento or reporting twice as many cases since the pandemic started. The number of prosecutions has stayed pretty much the same dawn blood A is in charge of domestic violence cases for the D A's office. She says. The pandemic and a lot of social unrest were happening at the same time. I don't know that those things occurring simultaneously fostered the kind of trust that we need to have victims comfortable to calling law enforcement. Today says people are calling We even the Family Justice Center to get help, even if they don't want to prosecute their abuser. The Justice Center is faith, Whitmore says. Those who rely on their abuser for financial support may not want them to get arrested. And in some cases aging parents don't want to report abuse of Children. Most heartbreaking is when the adult Children have Mental health issues, and there's nowhere for them to get help and they go home. And then they started using their parents, and then you know that they're stuck. All three agencies will be making presentations to the county Board of Supervisors tomorrow detailing how the pandemic is impacted domestic violence in our area and asking the board to support a new set of standards for how to handle survivors who may have been strangled by their abuser. Supreme Court says California cannot ban indoor worship because of the covert 19 pandemic cave because Jensen Raider tells us the state guidelines for indoor worship have now been changed. The court's ruling came down late Friday, saying that the state can't restrict church services but can set attendance limits. Most of the state is in the purple tear, where the attendance limit is set to 25% capacity inside. Singing and chanting at church services is still prohibited. The court made the ruling in response to request to drop Cove in 19 restrictions at South Bay United Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista and Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK. Well, your very own Jason Alexander Hoody like the one in the Super Bowl commercial. Well, here's your chance to win one and help a good cause. Hide is collecting donations for Matthew 25 ministries and feeding America and will give away 100 of the iconic hooded sweatshirts.

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