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They added a transfer from Gonzaga and obviously added a new coaching staff. And they have been terrific. Like it's wild to think that this team could also have James akinjo, who, of course, after last season, transferred to Baylor and has been one of Baylor's key players this season. You're right that they have a case to be top two in the country. I have them forth right now behind Gonzaga, auburn, Kentucky, and Arizona. And if somebody were asking me to justify that. I think auburn can you can still argue has the best resume in the country. I mean, there are 7 and two in quadrant one, 6 O one quadrant two, 13 and two inside the first two quadrants. That is better. Really, it's better than everybody in the country. Based on pure resume. You could argue reasonably that auburn still has the best resume in the country even after last week's overtime loss at Arkansas, auburn remains the only team in the country that hasn't lost in regulation. But Gonzaga's computer numbers at this point are so strong that I did elevate after auburn lost Gonzaga to the number one spot in the top 25 and one. So I've got it one Gonzaga to auburn and then three Kentucky for Arizona. And there's no getting around the fact that Arizona probably does have a better raw resume than Kentucky. I mean, Arizona is 6 and two in the first quadrant 5 and quadrant two. So 11 and two in the first two quadrants, whereas Kentucky's 5 and four in quadrant one, four zero and quadrant to some 9 and four in the first two quadrants. If I were trying to justify them, why Kentucky over Arizona at this point? I think they've got better wins. Like an 18 point win at Kansas, Kentucky has that an 11 point win at Alabama, Kentucky has that. Kentucky's also 14 and two in the past 16 games and the two losses are at LSU and at auburn. And they lost a starter in both of those games. They lost savior Wheeler against LSU. They lost Tai Tai Washington against auburn. So Kentucky's only lost twice this season when savior Wheeler and Thai Thai Washington, both start and finish the game. And again, that 18 point when it came to its massive. But this isn't something I would have a more than a 32nd argument about with anybody. If you want to have Arizona anywhere from two to four, I think it's totally reasonable, which underlines, I think your larger point at this moment, they're headed for a one seed in the NCAA tournament. And I keep hearing people say, oh, Gonzaga, Arizona. That's gonna be some west regional final. If they can both keep this up, they're not both gonna be in the west region. They're both gonna be one seat somewhere else. I thought about that very thing. Yes, Arizona is clearly tracking toward basically getting into a battle with Gonzaga about who would be the number one seed in the west. And you know, if Arizona can went out to asking a lot, I don't think it's gonna win out. Road games remaining at Utah at Colorado at USC home games remaining against the Oregon schools and then Stanford and Kyle then we get to the PAC 12 tournament. Arizona is almost certainly going to take at least one more loss to might even be reasonable at this point. And I don't think it would be more than that. But if it gets to selection Sunday with just three loss Arizona team versus a Gonzaga team that wins out with two losses, would actually be fascinating from a resume perspective because Gonzaga did not play a road game in non conference play. It's gonna actually because of the way the schedule broke against Gonzaga in league play like Gonzaga. I think a lot of people realize this. Gonzaga's only gonna play 14 WCC regular season games. Normally it will play 16. It's the two it's going to lose are both winnable, but they're on the road. I can't remember which ones they are. They might be. Anyway, they're both road games. So the point is they're going to lose two more road games, so when the committee is looking at, okay, we got to split Harris here between what teams are getting on the one line and what teams aren't and where we're going to ship them. Gonzaga's not going to have as many road opportunities road wins, non conference road games. That could ultimately wind up giving Arizona again, Arizona's got to get there with two or three losses probably to beat out a Gonzaga team that doesn't lose. But if that were to happen, then, you know, you want the west region if you're Arizona and Gonzaga. So that would be interesting. They could also end up one two in the same region. That's not unthinkable. Obviously, that would be quite the storyline that none of those men want Mark few and Tommy Lloyd don't want to face each other in the ancillary tournament, particularly in the first year where they're not on the same coaching staff together. But we'll see, again, we have a month to get there. We will get a little bit of a peek into this. This upcoming weekend and we'll talk about this on Friday show. The once a year, you know, it's not even mid season. We're now less than a month away to selection Sunday. Top 16 reveal on CBS will be Saturday at 1230, the selection committee is meeting this week and it will figure out a top 16. I'm going to talk to the chair Tom Burnett of this year's committee and there will be something on the site later this week in advance of that. But the point is, we'll see where they decide to ship both of these teams because Gonzaga plays Wednesday at pepper 9, figure that's going to be a win. They'll probably be the one in the west. Arizona does not play again until after the committee has done meeting. They play home against Oregon state, if they were to lose that, I guess they might make a late second change. But I think they decide that GP. On Thursday nights. As for Tommy Lloyd real quick, just on the whole what he has been able to do and accomplish here from a historical standpoint. He is going to have a really good chance. 22 wins right now, here are the only coaches to win 30 games in their first year as a head coach. Bill Guthrie at North Carolina, Bill Hodges, Indiana state, brought Underwood at Stephen F Austin. Steve prome at Murray's state, Jamie Dixon went 31 and 5 in 2004, his first year as a head coach at Pitt. First he has a coach period. Brad Stevens did it. His first year as a head coach of butler.

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