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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is back on the Supreme Court bench after missing time last week with what the court described as a stomach bug Ginsberg who is eighty six climb the three steps and took her seat for a brief court session Monday she was absent when the justices last met in public to hear arguments on Wednesday Ginsburg's been treated for cancer twice in the past year including receiving radiation for a tumor on her pancreas over the summer she missed court sessions in January during her recovery from love fireworks boomed over the Cuban capital of Havana and a colorful display for thousands of people who watched the final act in the city's five hundredth anniversary celebrations dancers and musicians performed for an audience that included Cuban president Miguel de as canal foreign diplomats and special invited guests from all around the world the celebration of Havana's five hundredth anniversary was a two day long party with crowds singing dancing and applauding the spectacular show on the steps of the newly restored capitol building it was colorfully lit up and provided a stunning backdrop to the performers and the gala show Kyle Busch's the NASCAR Cup champion as correspondent jury Jordan reports he won Sunday's race in Florida not only that Kyle Busch when the season finale at homestead Miami speedway he drove away with the two thousand nineteen NASCAR Cup series championship bush led one hundred twenty laps the most of any driver in the race to pick up his fifth win of the season the championship marks the second of his career and makes him one of only two active drivers with multiple titles Martin tricks junior finished runner up in the race and for the second straight year ended his season in second place overall to the series champion the other two championship contenders Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin finish the season and third and fourth respectively Jerry Jordan homestead Florida transcripts released tonight in which a US official in Ukraine says he overheard diplomat Gordon samba Intel president trump that the president of Ukraine would do anything trump wanted David Holmes is scheduled to testify publicly on Thursday tomorrow we hear from lieutenant colonel Alexander been been a National Security Council official who raised concerns.

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