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Conventional healthcare and and natural health care is that we're looking to facilitate the body's own healing process we're trying to help it function better by giving it those tools yeah that it needs the the proper nutrition or taking away the things that are aggravating it if you're downing twenty cups of coffee a day and you having bone loss or having anxiety or high blood pressure well you can take all the prescription medication you want to look house come on don't take her bay to coffee it's not gonna work yeah caffeine is just gonna or bread bowl or whatever it is it's going to just and all of that up to you to tone that down orders that you won't need to be on is much medication so you can you know it's it's just a different way of looking at it and and doctors sometimes miss that mark they they're too busy they have got to get in and get you out and so they just to hear his your script taking medication and that's it well that one didn't work well let's just add another one on hello take away the old one we're just gonna and to you and it's funny because of the the new the new big thing in cancer treatment forum for doctor conventional doctors is immune therapy we've been doing a new thirty for forty years I don't remember the supple it's good to see the catching up and but you know it is exciting because some people are getting fantastic results with the immune therapy death doesn't work for everybody and I think this is they haven't always different treatments and as they haven't quite perfect it they can actually even sometimes cause death in people yeah but they're looking in the right place now yes but we have a jump on that we've been doing it for a long time and you can actually help facilitate the gun that healing process no matter what health issues that you have so if you have questions about your health give us a call one eight six six nine two zero nine four five five and what we're trying to do is keep you know to help the community be healthier and to be more independent and to be more ownership of their own bodies and healthier and not just handing it over to the doctor and say fix me right and then take a whole load of medication it was scary they don't want to take responsibility for their health they've always had this medical guide that they could just turn everything over to I never ask questions I don't know because you don't have to you just go and they fiction and that's it and but sometimes they will ask questions and they'll say you know does that does that prescription have any side effects don't worry about it and you know everything's fine the next thing you know you get a bunch of side effects and then you put on more medication for the side effects and so you get into the snowballing thing but it's not about again that you can't work together with conventional medicine right thank you conventional and natural can work very well together yeah we see that with our patients right and some of our patients do both but it's also our programs about trying to keep you on top of what is the latest information about what's going on in conventional healthcare as well as natural and some of the research studies that came out just recently a study was published at Mount Sinai researchers and environmental international the August edition they found that there is a relationship between for fluoride.

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