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If the electors something that needs to be done. So you're working as an assistant coach in the NHL in the flyers organization Hershey and then in Philadelphia phantoms for almost a decade. And then you become the assistant coach of the flyers in and you go to the NHL as an assistant coach. What were The things you didn't expect you loved up there. And what were the things that you didn't expect that maybe you liked being in the minors. If there were any going up and doing that for a couple of years well I mean first of all I mean. The Flyers Organization treated me terrifically the whole time as a player As a coach Assistant coach. And you know what they provide me with a A great time frame of my life. That my wife and I are very grateful. Four-lane with they were they were excellent And loved it in American Hockey League loved in her she then. They decided that they were going to move their minor league team up into Philly and we were going to play out of the old spectrum and the flyers are going to play out of the new building which I believe at that time was called the first union center. It said a number of different name changes over here. Yeah I was Wachovia. One time in In typical whilst fire is that what it is well wells fargo now but in typical flyer fashion. It was known as the few center because it was well. You know. Fill either a little bit harsh stuff like that but the the first union kind of tied in with that works well so you know what and it was. It was weird because Roger Neilson was a coach and he got sick and they called me up usually. It's a player that's going up and now as a coach that was going up and Craig. Ramsay took over as the head coach. There and and Roger wasn't feeling too well and No skew at the first part of it was Wayne Cashman had back surgery. I've got to back that up because that's up to the first time Wayne Cashman it back surgery so I was up there with Roger Craig Ramsay and an awkward moment there was. I didn't even have an office and a couple of months. I was up there and Roger and Ramaphosa say everyday just take caches office. He's not going to be back for weeks and stuff like that set up and I said no. No no no. I'm not going to do it. So finding the one day to convince me to move my stuff into caches office walks through the door. Wayne. Cash comes in just want to say hello to everybody and I'm sitting behind his desk as I. I just felt like it because we knew it was just it was. I felt wrong. Yeah and then so I kind of got ahead of myself and then Roger got sick and had to step away from from the coaching into things and Craig took over and asked me if I'd be the assistant with them and I was a tough decision because Well first of all I mean I was with Billy Barber. Who's Just a greatest human being that there ever is and we're working together well with the phantoms. And we had called her cupping. But you know what it was one of those things where you get a chance to be in the NHL. So I did it. I think the biggest thing Camden notice was just. I mean it's like you think. The American Hockey League is Great. It is don't get me wrong. I get the hockey's terrific but man when you get on the ice and you got the Legion Doom. Going up and down the ICE. You've got Eric Lindros and Randburg and the Claire and guys like that. It's like it's a whole different level and it's just impressive like it's just crazy and you know obviously the charter flights and the hotels and the way these guys are treated and live is kind of Nice. The only thing is nothing changed in my pay grade so I mean I was still living the life and American Hockey League Guy. Trying to park my truck away from other people's Jaguars and Lamborghinis or wherever they were driving alternately. You know what you just you just be yourself and I think that was the the best part of it was. I've always been just me by. This is who I am. This is what I do and you know what I think. Most people accept it or enjoy it. And if you don't well I'M NOT GONNA lose any sleep over the youngest. Is You really deal with the American Hockey League? With the exception of a few here and there twenty years old above and the and you get the nineteen year olds in once in a while and we have a few but Junior hockey your head coach in the Oh l. And then a little later on in the whol does your style changed as your attitude toward the players change when you're dealing with now teenagers and their guys that don't live by themselves and you're going out on the road with them and they're not they're in hotels and who knows how they're around like that's just a totally different animal. I have to imagine It it's different I don't think you approached the players any differently in the fact that I mean those guys are trying to get drafted in the NHL. And you're trying to help them fulfill that dream or that passion and then you know what you're the American league and you're trying to help these guys now move and and become NHL players or NHL regular so your your Ability to mold or influence is always there and I think that's what is the most satisfying is seeing these guys fulfill dream of maybe going to the NHL draft like we talked about earlier and being there with their families and their name is called in our our level guy getting called up to the kings and playing in the NHL. It's it's very satisfying Junior aspect of it is there is a lot of babysitting I don't know if it's much time is spent on XS and Os. You would like because usually you're trying to deal with School and right the fact that the kids don't like to go So attendance is a bit of a problem Of course their schoolwork and keeping up with their grades is always a challenge And you know you're dealing with billets players are living with families and sometimes it's not a great fit. Sometimes to player goes there and doesn't really care for his family or sometimes the bill at family comes to you as a coach and says a. It's not really working out with little johnny here and we're going to have to get him. Outta here. Well you know who that is that you being the guy gets him out of there and it's even worse if a kid comes to you and says they want to you know change billets because you know for whatever reason so. It's an awkward situation there. And then you know you've got the girlfriends and you know the the curfews to deal with and it is a bit of a challenge just because you're dealing with teenagers and teenage boys are hormones. Yeah they're they're different. Yeah we did a lot of dump things as teenagers and sometimes we've been accused of never growing up but I mean you know what that's that's part of it. It's part of like being parents like being a debt. So you know. We approach it as coaches at that level. Just an extension of their their parents and in absence of their parents were basically father so But every every level I've been at I've I've enjoyed and if you take it with an open mind and realize that you're influencing and helping to Fulfil these get these kids and just try to make them a little bit better. It is. It's very satisfying. So whatever level I've been and I've I've enjoyed But I would say my favorite probably is is the American just just just like I just love the level of of of the American argument. And I'm just GONNA go out on a limb and assume that you've had opportunity you've been in this league longtime I'm GonNa assume you are. You've been hockey. I should say a longtime you've got an opportunity to be an assistant coach somewhere in the NHL. I'm just GONNA GUESS. And whether that's the case or not so be it but you have stuck with the Ontario Reign. You stuck with With this head coaching position. Which like you said I. You'll love it and I pretty positively like this organization. You want to call her cup to get it started. That's got to be a good way to start. What keeps you here and do you like being an H. L. Head coach. More than you think. You'd like being an assistant. Nhl Coach right now. Well you're you're right. I mean the opportunities have presented itself and maybe if I hadn't been in. Nhl Assistant coach with the flyers and then in Atlanta. You know maybe there would be a little bit stronger yearn from me to coach again at that level. I just you know what I love what I'm doing. I love the organization and and what Euro all about and what we're trying to accomplish and You know I'm not GonNa lie to you. It doesn't hurt when you win a Calder Cup in in your first year and you know what That year was in Manchester and we kind of knew going into that. There was a possibility that we would be moving out to the California area. We were accepting of that. But you wouldn't believe they. I mean I still think of Manchester. Like I love it I get it just. It was a great situation. It was a great city. It was great fan support and because we did win. I guess there's always GonNa be a special spot in your heart but we came out here and again the the thriller the satisfaction for me is just.

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