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To humanize the bad you want kids to see this as you know more of somebody they can approach that's why the Butler County sheriff Richard K. Jones is asking kids and their guardians to go fishing with him this morning at the Fairfield optimist club debate the polls the tackle everything's provided in we're going to provide lunch as well sergeant Kimberly Peters with the sheriff's office your kids can help the sheriff catch some of Butler county's most wanted and they need a blue gill and later he large mouth bass finance briefs newsradio seven hundred WLW example to be aware of scam artists setting up fake bank's online in Ohio when these town of new town police detective Spencer Bischoff was honored this week for stop being nearly million dollar transfer into a fraudulent bank just hours before it was headed overseas the bank's fraudulent name slightly off from the name of a real bank and the scam artists use the real banks address and FDIC information as a bogus website in Ohio new town police detective Spencer Bischoff says it's the most brazen scam he's seen in seventeen year the victim was actually looking for a different investment to to try to make more money off of his savings in his retirement the couple thought they were transferring nearly one million dollars to a St Louis bank it was actually headed to a phony bank in Hong Kong the name of the fraudulent bank it slightly off from the name of the real bank when the couple called the follow up on the transfer the number had been disconnected then they called police Bischoff took action and got the FBI to shut down the scam and the couple's money returned Michelle Franzen ABC news.

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