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A date for it See each over. Max on not each mac What's the first thing brings up when i search green leaner. Hbo max green later. Animated series wills favourite. Yes we were just talking about the soundtrack volume one by one of the contract. The first thirteen episodes. I think which is really really good. Bye for all you answer this call. This is an offline. Backup of your music that i said when i get older. So you like to put stuff another machines you like a medium one I'm looking for release date each match. Release date minute delayed Source this thing saying like march eighteenth but that can't be oh eight now that's justice league neider youth I think they began filming. But i don't know if they're done yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if we next year but not seen a thing about in announced state like their dislike gal. We're starting filming all that's gonna be ten episodes so things. We agree standard now for most shows is intended to episode season ten or less yet like the stress on streaming. Yeah yes russell yes. They've cast alan scott and wondering why he's not old. Yes like about that is going to be the star heart or some other. you know. it's like. Oh the kevin kept me younger. That's going to be weird. If they just like make them like a regular core members will be like. Why are you wearing a cape and no one else's wearing a cape. Yeah okay cool aren't you. Didn't you fight like rover to dude speaking of allen scott. There was an article today. em. I guess Some star girl. One shot came today. Like i said i haven't been in the store. I won't beat us to the sword till tomorrow. But i guess in the back of it. They are family big to pay job. Who's an ad or like a t's whatever. But i guess a guess there's going to be a new a series on a guest. Geoff johns gonna be writing it. Okay interesting. I think it was it. Geoff johns and bryan hitch. Brian hit us. Awesome aso donna. What donald said one yet but yeah. It looks like there was like a two page. Yeah just like it. Looks like cuddle kinda looks pretty much like the almost like the jesse we had before new.

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