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Talkers dot com. You read what's going on in. The, industry, you'll see the story of a couple of hosts who are on the radio station who have been suspended because they. Made reference to I think the mayor of. Trenton general are the attorney general thank you as turban man? Referencing. The fact that I think he's a Sikh I remember Kevin? The, story correctly Greg rob I think. That's the story and they were talking about him on the, air and referred to him his turban man now I didn't actually hear the. Audio Kevin did you hear. The audio the transcript of the offending. Passages right do you think, it's offensive is it isn't offensive to you personally take yourself out of the business the hear somebody like that or the context for me anyway I want. To. Hear the contextual use of, it for you what what constitutes personally as a listener is not something that I find, it childish and stupid. But that's neither here nor there it doesn't. Mean it's right or wrong I find a childish and stupid I think you're the name calling thing is kind of the other thing. That Dennis Malloy who was wanted to one of the co. Host was suspended was he intimated that the man took off his turban then. He bothered to know his name. I, guess, implying that you'd failed to me as an American idol his opinion he's welcome to it I think it's stupid but. That's what happened we live in an age. That embraces that or at least many of us embrace it? Some. People still don't but I do think you're right when it? Comes, to being very it's it's you, know what I'd I'd love to hear will take on this Yeah that's, why we're, going rejected it, because Walter we live in a world now where You have to get ratings in. Radio you have to engage people you have to make them interested, in what you're saying you and it's a competition because I want to be number. One but then the the station across the street wants to be number. One as well but then we also live? In, a world where everybody's always constantly offended so how do those two worlds live together He's a Lose the character in, the seven eleven on. The Simpsons I'm trying to. The reason. I paused I'm trying to remember the name of the character on what is? His name Apu we grew up with Apu that character has been in the Simpsons for twenty years doesn't seem to be causing. A problem And Dennis Malloy. Stated a fact the man. Wears a. Turban by choice it's not a race thing or religion thing the man wears? A turban by choice I don't know about you but more than one occasion I've had people joke about the things I wear Opinion In And for thirty, years Howard Stern has called them turban, hits and you had no small hand in Howard Stern. Success either you were intimately involved in much of what he has done over the years if I'm not, mistaken but I don't think any of this is important and I don't want to comment specifically on that radio station or a number of. Reasons but mostly because I don't know what happened. Internally I've been inside those situations and people comment from the, outside but they don't know what's going on, inside but I'll talk about this in general. Terms I've seen this over and over again and like you just said progressively over the past three or four. Years we're, host say something, stupid and then they, suspended, well the minute they get. Suspended it goes from a passing moment to. News Radio station would volunteer to get news about something a host said that was. Stupid I don't quite understand in my opinion and what I've experienced in what I've done in my career is that when a host says something stupid like that The best thing to do is. Is to move on the minute station decides to parts well the hosts doubt chastise the make them apologize, all of a sudden it goes from being something in context than that happened on the radio and g did he really say that I. Don't know commercial commercial weather the minute they can. Pull it out it becomes news and the station and the, host then become identified with this whereas if, they hadn't done anything nothing happens well let..

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