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But that the end endo, he had that twitter processing. Every month. Wow, because we. We are young. At Untidy. We didn't have session in February and August. Okay, 'cause it's took off until hot. Yes, yes, but in New England. we had Heating System. So. We have no excuse to not to have this in February. And it's not too hot in. So again into have us. Say To? Say it gets quite cold, but if you had heating, no excuse. And then would you give lectures on Sundays every second? Sunday something like that. Lecture about we had A. Discussion. Group I I give presentation in the beginning, and about my translation of considering and. We have discussion whose participants and what is it like to translate Dorgan he? He's non for being very poetic very difficult to understand. What's what what is it like to translate into English I? Imagine a challenge, but I imagine it's very satisfying as well. It's not so satisfying. Finished translating one day I think. I. Have Grad. Joey happiness, but At the same time I have a sadness. Was that because I? Know something is missing. On something Adi's added. Yes, on, something is twisted yes. So I know the difference between dog ends and my transportation. So, there's northbound. Ourselves actually never finished never complete. Do you think that that's just the nature of translation that it's always will be like that I think so you know I. Think. A perfect translation is not possible. Yeah, and so do you think it's important to learn Japanese? If you WANNA, lead re- Dogan for that reason, or is it? Is it not necessary that? Is that the one best way over studying doggone duty to to study Japanese undead, his writings in Japanese. But maybe sick on the best way is to lead many different translations and and compare. What is it about Durga? That captures you the most. where he's teaching his betty deep..

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